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How to Manage Your Business Plans and Projects With Easeteam members talking to each other

Let’s talk about project management software. Now, if you’re not familiar with what it this is software that’s going to make managing anything in your business a little bit easier. As soon as your business has more than one person, or you’re doing work for more than one client, you’re going to find that project management software is going to make your life a lot easier. In its most basic form, it’s a list of different tasks.

For instance, we have a service board for Dorks Delivered when any service requests come in from clients that give us just a small amount of information as to what their problem is. Maybe they’ve got a problem with their emails not coming through, and they’ll just send through a support request either via call or via a different email account saying that “We are having problems with our emails. Please, can you check into this?” Now from that though, it could evolve into a much larger thing and it becomes a bit hard to manage.

Why It’s Great

Imagine that comes through and the first person in your business has a look at that and says, “all right, I can probably have a look at solving this.” They realise that it’s a bit out of there comfortability, and so they jump across after diagnosing it for a little while. They realise, “okay, I can diagnosis this enough to know that I can’t do it, but I know who to pass that on to,” and they might make a small list of tasks that then need to be passed on to different people. Maybe someone needs to look at the hosting stuff and they don’t have permission to do that. Maybe someone else needs to look at their server or internet connection provider to have them do something. Project management software allows you to manage and collaborate with many people. It’s great for all different types of businesses, not just IT.

Easier to Manage Tricky Issues

If you’ve got a mowing business and you know that once every three months you go across and dethatch the lawn, it’s good to know within this software when that needs to occur. You can use it to able to plan out your days and plan out your weeks for the different jobs that you’re doing. This can really help if there are any unforeseen issues, so you can make sure that if there is rain, you know who’s being delayed, who your priority clients are, and making sure that you get your deliverables out in time. That’s what it’s all about. It’s about just managing your time.

Software Features

A lot of the software gives you really cool stuff like Gantt charts, so if there’s an element of your project that is being delayed, it will allow for you to see what trickle on effects it has. In the situation of building a house, maybe if it’s pouring down with rain that then means that there are certain aspects that can still continue in parallel as they would have, but then there are others that are going to be delayed until that rain stops. Project management software is fantastic, and there are lots of different tools out there. 

Recommended Software

Internally, we use a product called ConnectWise, but there’s also another product that we use for some of the other stuff called Trello. Trello is a fantastic entry point into the world of project management software. Starting at zero dollars a month you can’t really go wrong with what it’s offering and it’s a very powerful tool. You can use Trello for a number of different things. It could be just to manage your marketing efforts so that you know when to release different posts on Facebook or to manage blogs that you might be releasing regularly. The only things that I think that you could have in the paid version of Trello that you don’t get in the free version is some of the more pretty detailed reporting and some of the collaboration tools. You have to upgrade to be able to get these abilities to join into other software, but generally speaking, it is a fantastic piece of kit and something that everyone should be looking into and using it.


Those are my thought at the moment on project management software. Using this technology will be of great benefit to yourself and your business. Give it a go!

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