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Improving Your Digital Marketing with Tim Nelson

Have you ever wondered how Google works? What’s the point of the search engine? How do you get to the top? Josh was joined by Tim Nelson from TPR Media to talk about all things digital marketing.

Tim Nelson is the Digital Marketing Director of TPR Media, a full service digital agency that specialises in developing and implementing online advertising. Their team includes designers, creatives, strategy and digital specialists, right through to in-house production services that provides leading directors, producers, film crew and post-production services to produce inspiring and incredible content.



Analysis is Key

When we start working with a new client, we take a look at their business. We see what industry they’re in. We then take a look at the cost per clicks that they’re up against, and we figure out, Hey, if you’re in finance, cost per clicks can be anywhere from 20 to $150 a click, depending on where you’re in.

We look at the budget and decide what the best option would be. It could be AdWords, search engine optimisation, Facebook ads, TikTok, the list goes on. We assess the business on what their goals are, but you’ve got to be realistic as well. Not everyone knows exactly what it costs to compete. Your competitors on Google have been running this race for a lot longer than you. If you’re just approaching me saying “I want to be able to rank on Google and make sales.” There’s a bit of a process there to have a look at the lay of the land and then come back with an approach that will actually work.


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Digital Marketing Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

It’s definitely not a cookie cutter approach. And anyone that tries to sell it like that is trying to take you for a ride. Each business is different, and the language that you use needs to be adjusted. If I’m on LinkedIn, I’m probably not on there to look at cat videos. But if I’m on Facebook, I’m probably scrolling to see what everyone’s up to, what I’ve missed out on the day. From a business perspective, how do you adapt and gear the message to your clients in the different space if you have the same person across multiple platforms.

Facebook, their ads, for example, are pushing out to profiled audiences versus Google, which is a pool campaign where you’re actually typing in what you’re looking for exactly. Tiktok has come out of essentially nowhere and taken a lot of market share from Facebook and the other social media networks because it is just absolute dopamine. You’re getting entertained every time you flick to the next video, and that’s really taking it away. It’s the final frontier of where we’re currently at of entertainment.


What To Look for In a Digital Marketing Agency

It’s establishing the outcome, what their goal is. Is it e-commerce sales? Is it new business inquiry? Is it phone calls? Then it’s a case of actually setting up the conversion tracking, which can be overlooked by some agencies. They set the ads up, they let them run. But the process of putting the conversion tracking in place actually helps the artificial intelligence that runs the ads to show what you deem a success. We’re all profiled pretty heavily by Google and Facebook through our activity.


Result Timelines

It’s certainly a question we get asked a lot. SEO does have a lot of voodoo surrounding it because we are essentially getting your website to be relevant for the keywords that will bring your business. There’s over 200 factors that will influence your rankings, but it can really be summarised down to your on-site and your off-site. On-site being your website, and that is aligning your website to be relevant for those keywords. Then the off-site is your back linking.

Back linking is really your trust and authority. So having other websites around the web, with hyperlinks pointing back to your site on topics surrounding those keywords. It’s doing that month in, month out that’s actually building the consistency and authority where Google’s bots can see that you’re consistently building these links again and again. That’s the byproduct of that, along with those other 200 factors, which load speeds, all those sorts of things, which in time gives you the increase in rankings. But it really depends on the competitiveness of the industry

One of my brothers is a plumber out west, and I ranked him onto page one of Google after about four hours of on-site work. I’ve never actually built a backlog for it. That was six years ago. He still ranks to this day since there’s no competition out there.

Whereas in the city, if you’re in the finance game, it’s going to take a while. You’re up against high PR value sites, banks, all those trusted sites that have already run this race that build that trust, and you’ve got this new domain that has nothing behind it. So Google’s biggest, first and foremost, service is to provide search results. And it needs to be relevant. The day they’re not relevant is the day they’ll lose market share


What to Do If You’re in a Competitive Industry

You can go broad or sniper when you’re going up against the big ones. We’ve worked with law firms, finance companies who are up against the big ones, and a lot of them can’t compete in budget. The cost per clicks is way too high. They can’t run the numbers that the big ones run at the chance of not diverting the leads.

We’d certainly look at more of a push campaign to a profiled audience that fits the bill of people who are looking for loans or what have you, rather than people specifically searching for it. Or you can go the very specific sniper approach. If the competition is in the city you’ve got to play on your benefits. Maybe it’s that you have free parking. Your messaging needs to be different to break down how it’s more convenient.


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Changing Your Websites Domain Name

We’ve had to cross that bridge a couple of times with people changing their domains are super strong. People want to rebrand, and that’s cool. We can certainly do it with 301 redirects from the old URL to the new one which redirect all of the trust and authority you’ve built in that original URL to the new one. It will be a dip, but it does recover.


How to Spot Red Flags with Digital Marketing Agencies

Check all of their Google reviews and read them very carefully. The big agencies that are pumping big numbers through, if they have a big sales team, be wary. I started this business with the other two directors and I still handle the clients to this day. I’m not a new person who’s an intern who’s going to be gone in three months’ time. I’m in it for the long haul and it affects my bottom line to see people leave.

Big agencies are successful for a reason because they do a good job. But I guess just be wary of the slick sales approach and look into what they’ve done already, look for examples of client success stories, call them, ask them.


Tim’s Most Influential Book

The Power of Now was a really big one for me, 10 or so years ago, which was when as a young uni student, you’re worried about the future and where it’s going to go and thinking about the past. It’s just concentrating your energy into the present moment, which allows you to accomplish a lot of things.

We want the best in our future that we’re trying to figure these things out. But truly, it’s this moment right now when you can make those differences. And doing that every day creates a brighter future. Don’t be afraid of a bit of calculated risk. We started this business in ’08 out of uni. We were young. We didn’t have children. If it went south, that’s okay, we can go and get a job. But I’m so glad I did.


What Is Business Freedom to Tim

Business freedom for me is having clients succeeding, first and foremost, and that it is having systems in place that allow everything to be trackable, accountable, and scalable, which is where Dorks Delivered have certainly helped our business out. Being in a marketing background, we’re great marketers, and as you grow, our accountant said that the hardest thing is growing. But then you need to manage the quality control as you scale. It’s having those systems in place to stop the chaos.

– Tim Nelson

How Tim Can Help You

Need digital marketing help? TPR Media build relationships with their customers to foster long-term trust so they can grow together for years to come. Visit their website and get a quote today.

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