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Your Daily Influence Shapes Your Nightly Dreams

Ideas From Dreams

What’s Your Last Night’s Dream?Ideas From Dreams

Your mind is always working away at problems that you’re given, anything that you’re given. It wants to give it a crack. Sometimes, it can’t do it right at this stage, but it’s sitting in there working away.

Your Mind Is Always Working 

Normally, when you have the ability to have a little bit of time to yourself, your brain has a moment to actually think and collect. This time could be in the shower, in the car on the way to work, or when you wake up with a brain fart and you go, ‘Oh, I got to write that down,’ and you get this idea.

When you’re dreaming, it is your body relaxing and categorising everything that you do. From a computer perspective, it’s kind of like a defrag in my opinion. That’s how I sort of see it.

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Fantastic Ideas Come Through Dreams 

Now, when you have all these different bits and pieces come together and you have these dreams, a lot of the time you can get this fantastic result and fantastic outcome from the dreams that you have. That’s cool, and it’s not just me saying that. Many historical famous people have said this. Nicola Tesla has said that he saw the inventions and ideas come to him through dreams. I’m not going to say that his dreams didn’t come from within his head. They may have come from within his head or wherever; that’s up to you to decide.

Nikola Tesla - Ideas From Dreams

A Way to Remember Your Dream 

What is important is the dreams that were had by you. Your daily influence shapes your nightly dreams. If you can train yourself to remember your dreams just by writing them down when you wake up, it doesn’t take that long, you can remember fantastic ways to solve business problems, relationship problems, engineering problems, gardening problems, beer pouring problems, etc.

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The Final Word

Whatever your daily influences have been will shape your nightly dreams, so don’t go to bed upset with your partner. Make sure you work it out. Don’t go to bed after watching a horror movie or something you’re not happy with. Make sure you’re comfortable in your state of mind when you go to sleep because the amount of energy that your body puts into reconciling and collaborating all these different thoughts is high. You want to make sure that it’s useful time. Even when you’re sleeping, you can be productive. How about that? High five!

Hope this has been useful. Keep dreaming, and stay good.


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