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IT Audit Checklist: Why Do You Need It?

what is an it audit checklist

Why is an IT audit checklist important?

In this day and age, every business in Australia—small, medium or large—uses some form of technology. Knowing this, you cannot deny that data loss and security threats are becoming a fast-growing concern. As a business owner, you would want to make sure your business is free from this modern-age nightmare. A data security breach on your valuable business information is the last thing you would want to happen. This is where an IT audit checklist will come in handy.

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What is an IT audit checklist?

An IT audit checklist is a comprehensive listing of your company IT controls, policies and procedures with corresponding risk assessment and its impact on your operations. It also sets a schedule for the risk assessments.

Having this checklist assures you and your stakeholders that the integrity of your company’s IT infrastructure is checked regularly and your IT policies and procedures are operational and effective.

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How can your company benefit from having an IT audit checklist?

An IT audit checklist in place lays down the framework for your IT audit. The checklist identifies the key controls of your infrastructure as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Areas with high-potential security risks will be easily exposed, and you can focus on those that need your attention.

Operationally, by sharing a copy of the IT audit checklist in PDF format to your employees, they can proactively prepare for upcoming audits. Also, the IT audit checklist sample from prior years can serve as their guide to know which areas are weak, strong and in need of continuous improvement.

what is an it audit checklist

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Your IT audit checklist can include the following questions:

What are your company-purchased licensed software?

Which employees were granted access?

Are the software licenses still valid and updated?

How are files stored?

Is there a back-up recovery plan in case of an attack?

What are the recovery processes in case software and applications are compromised?

How do you protect your company data from hacking and other cybercrimes?

How often do you scan for viruses?

Are files protected by passwords?

Are employees allowed to bring their own gadgets to work?

Are they allowed to access the company network for personal use?

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Schedule an IT audit to help protect your business. Talk to a Dork to learn more!

What are the potential issues of maintaining an IT audit checklist?

As your business grows, so does your risk exposure. With an IT audit checklist, new areas of concern will likely emerge. You might need to utilise stricter security controls, reconsider employees’ access levels to certain software, increase the frequency of pre-audit checks and the like.

The more complex it gets, the more tedious the process becomes. Sometimes, with the rate of advancements in technology, it becomes difficult for a business to keep up. 

The Final Word

Despite the complexities that an IT audit checklist could bring to your current business, the pros of having one outweigh the cons. It should be enough motivation that your data is safe and secure, your policies and procedures are up to date and your company complies with regulations. So create an IT audit checklist today! 


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