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Improve Your IT Risk Management Strategies

Improve Your IT Risk Management Strategies

Whether you are in Australia or any other country around the world, your IT infrastructure affects the direction of your business, your customers, and other companies you work with. To make sure your network is in optimal condition and secure, call experts to do a company audit. It ensures your IT guys are doing their job, protects everyone involved, and lets you see security threats way before they come knocking your door (or sneaking through the window).


It’s Great to Be Prepared!

Risk management in your IT department is not something that you can take lightly these days. IT security threats put your corporate data and customers’ information at risk, and you can’t just apologise when you fail to identify and control threats. They might put you in hot water, financially and legally.

We rely on experts if something’s out of our expertise or we don’t have time. You call a plumber when the pipes are leaking or a mechanic when the car needs fixing, so why leave your IT network that’s crucial to your business operations in the hands of amateurs? Even if you have the most experienced IT team in the country, an audit or review of your IT assets gives another perspective and helps you avoid and manage risks.


Secure your digital assets today! Implement effective IT risk management strategies and protect your business from potential threats.


Unfortunately, a Lot of Websites Are Vulnerable…

Government regulations on IT risk management policies and plans have expanded, but every year, many websites and networks still show medium- to high-security vulnerabilities. These cover weak spots in your IT system that includes web applications and network perimeter devices—anything that can lead to more negative events and critical damage.

In 2018, about 46% of websites had medium-level security vulnerabilities, including DoS, CSRF, and host header injection, while 87% of websites had serious security vulnerabilities that range from weak passwords to XSS. These numbers give us the creeps because they threaten your organisation in unspeakable ways. We don’t want to scare you, but to give you an idea, medium-level security vulnerabilities allow attackers to partially compromise the confidentiality and integrity of your system while high-level security vulnerabilities fully compromise your system.

Better IT Risk Management

Vulnerabilities occur because of poor design choices, but even if you made some bad decisions, you can still make changes. If you’ve taken the first step to protecting your IT infrastructure, it’s time to take the next.

The Final Word

Don’t toss and turn at night wondering whether your network is secure and your data is safe. Schedule a company audit to keep up with the progress in network vulnerabilities. Our 120-point IT audit checklist will give you the peace of mind that everything is running efficiently and help you design an effective disaster recovery plan. Get it done!

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