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5 Technology Mistakes to Avoid in Business

5 Technology Mistakes to Avoid in Business

Aussies are usually careful when it comes to technology. Despite this, people can always make easy mistakes if they aren’t careful. If you want to improve your IT system, we’ve enumerated some common technology mistakes that you can easily avoid. They are either software or hardware-based, or a mismatch of both. The common reasons for these problems include cost-cutting and inadequate planning. Foregoing purchases and delaying implementation are very costly that they exceed the costs of due diligence. Most of the time, clients come running when the fire has burnt half of the building when in fact it only started with a spark on a small fuse.


Here are the most common technology mistakes to avoid:

1. No Master Plan

Scheduled updates should be laid down at the start of any business planning. This does not just include the business processes, but also the timely checks and balances of software, hardware, and human resource. Sometimes, clients refuse updates on the premise that they have done it recently. However, if the company relies heavily on its technology, it is expected that they have appropriated a budget for updated software and hardware alike. All of which do have an expiry date.


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2. No Backup

Yes, most do have a backup, but is it working? Has it been tested? Are we suggesting you go burn your files and see if your backup works? Absolutely not! You can actually test the viability of your backup by having two types of backup: your in-house backup system and an external terabyte drive.


3. No Data Security

Your customers’ information, your own database, and the rest of your data storage may be working fine, but are they working for you alone? It is probable that without appropriate security measures, the supposedly confidential information you have can be leaked online like confetti. Are your email messages encrypted? Outlook and Gmail do have their encryption, but you can also purchase email encryption systems for better security.


4. No User Training

The company prides itself on investing in new software and hardware but the system does not run as it should. This is probably due to a lack of user training. Technology mistakes are not only centred on physical and virtual resources but also on human resource. If upgrades are already along the pipeline, make sure the employees who will use your system are hands-on and have a say in it so that the optimisation and implementation go smoothly.


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5. Pirated Software and Old Hardware

Skimping on genuine software will only guarantee you more damage than good. Pair this with old hardware and that is a recipe for disaster! Gone were the days that you can get away with pirated software. Software manufacturers can track pirated software and can shut down the rest of the business process as they have encountered their very own technology mistake. Buy only genuine software so you may have the peace of mind, confidence and even a warranty. With it, match software requirements with the maximum capacity of hardware to keep compatibility accorded.


The Final Word

These are the most common technology mistakes encountered by clients early on their technological advances or even expansion. Typically, these should have been identified upon setting up your IT infrastructure. If not, it’s not too late to prevent future issues. Little fires everywhere might arise but sometimes, a little tweak in the resources, not a total overhaul, is all that is needed to resolve the problem.

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