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Big Changes to Microsoft 365 and Office 365: What You Need to Know

changes in Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites

G’day folks! At the start of the month, Microsoft’s dropped some news that’s bound to shake up the way we handle our business suites. From 1 April 2024, they’re rolling out new licensing changes for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 outside Europe, mirroring the updates we saw last year in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. Let’s break down what’s new and how it might affect your business.


A Fresh Look at Licensing

Microsoft’s aiming to make their licensing more consistent globally, which should help clear up any confusion and make your decisions a bit easier when it comes to negotiations and choosing the right suites for your needs.


What’s Changing?

New Suite Lineup

First up, Microsoft is introducing a lineup of commercial Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suites that don’t include Teams for regions outside the EEA and Switzerland. Alongside this, they’re rolling out a standalone Teams offering specifically for enterprise customers.


Changes to Enterprise Suites:

For anyone new to Office/Microsoft 365 Enterprise suites from now on, if you want Teams, you’ll need to purchase it separately as a standalone product along with your suite of choice. See how this affects you if you’re already subscribed or take a quick glance at how the new pricing models shape up:

New suites without Teams Pricing
Office 365 E1 (no Teams) A$12.96
Office 365 E3 (no Teams) A$39.36
Office 365 E5 (no Teams) A$67.68
Microsoft 365 E3 (no Teams) A$63.96
Microsoft 365 E5 (no Teams) A$98.28
New Microsoft Teams Standalone A$9.48

Not a customer yet? No worries! Explore Microsoft 365 or Office 365 options tailored just for you.


Changes to Business Suites:

Not to be left out, Microsoft 365 Business suites will coexist with the new lineup, but we’ll see some new versions:

Existing suites without Teams Pricing New suites without Teams Pricing
Microsoft 365 Business Basic A$10.80 Microsoft 365 Business Basic (no Teams) A$8.52
Microsoft 365 Business Standard A$22.44 Microsoft 365 Business Standard (no Teams) A$18.36
Microsoft 365 Business Premium A$39.48 Microsoft 365 Business Premium (no Teams) A$35.52


How Does This Affect You?

Existing Customers: If you’re already subscribed prior to 01 April 2024, no worries mate, you can keep rolling as is. You’ll have the option to renew, upgrade, or even add seats under your current plans. Just keep in mind: If you drop all your active Microsoft 365/Office 365 suites with Teams licenses, you’ll no longer be counted as an existing customer.
Fancy a switch to the new lineup? You can make that move at your next contract renewal or anniversary. Give us a heads up!


New Customers: Newbies will need to think about whether they want Teams as part of their package, as it will now be an add-on rather than included by default in many of the enterprise-level suites.


Alternative to Teams

No existing license but want to keep the team connected without blowing the budget now that Teams is a separate extra? No worries, mate! You might want to suss out some alternatives like Slack. Slack’s as easy as pie to use with a schmick interface that makes chatting and sharing a breeze. Plus, it plays nice with loads of other apps you may already be using. Whether your crew’s big or small, or you’re just looking for the best bang for your buck, Slack could be just the ticket. It’s a great choice for keeping your team in the loop and on the ball—without the hefty tag!


Not on board with us yet? No stress! Get started with a tailored Microsoft 365 or Office 365 solution or alterative that fits your needs.


Final Thoughts

These changes are pretty significant, so it’s worth taking a moment to think about how they align with your business needs. Whether you’re looking to streamline your services or need the collaborative power of Teams, there’s plenty to consider with these new options.

Remember, all prices mentioned are subject to change and may vary by country and currency, so keep that in mind when planning your next steps.

Cheers for now, and here’s to making the most of these new choices Microsoft’s laid out for us!

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