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Why Website Builders Suck for Business

Why Website Builders Suck for Business

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Are you using a drag-and-drop website builder?

Why You Should Stay Away From Website Builders

If you’ve seen an ad for a website builder, don’t fall victim. If you are a web designer, kudos to you. But if you’re not, don’t do it.

It might look great, but it’s gonna rank terribly. No one that has these automatic websites gets any traffic of value. It keeps paying lots for it. It’s not just a once-off payment thing. You have to continue to pay to get these people there. Mediocre websites get mediocre results.

They’re what I call “my dog websites.” My dog websites are great. You get to put photos of your dog and share them with your friends on Facebook, but it’s terrible for business.


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Why You Should Invest in a Quality Business Website

Make sure you’re having a good quality website made. If you go to, type in your website and click Analyze. Have a look at how you grade. If you go to page speed by Google, you’ll be able to have a look at how you grade there as well. If you grade poorly, your websites are doing a poor job. If you load slowly—anything above 3 seconds—your websites are doing a poor job.

If you go to Google Analytics and you’ve got X amount of customers and you’re not converting at least 0.5% of them, your websites are doing a poor job. Ugh! You’re paying Google AdWords for nothing. People are coming to your website, then they’ll leave. And you probably spend a lot of money on Google AdWords. It’s a waste of money if your website speed is terrible.



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Be in Control of Your Business Website

Be in control of your business website. Jump onto something commercial. I’m not saying go with our $1 Website Hosting for The Dollar IT Club members. There are lots of different websites out there that can give you quality business website hosting, which is what you want.

Ultimately, you want a quality commercial business website that you can control. Something where you’re not locked into the handcuffs of these building websites and you need to conform with the way they want things to work. You have to have things placed where they are, and your message gets watered down.

Be Visible on Google Search

Google looks at those websites and they go, “Hmmm…this website looks exactly like this other website. All these templates look the same! Therefore, they are the same. Let’s just drop it down the search results.” You don’t want that! You don’t want to be spending all your hard-earned money on a crappy website, especially one for your business.

Get a good website. Get a good developer you can sit down and talk to. Even if you’ve made it in one of these engines already, you can show a developer your dream website and how you want to look using those tools, but know that it’s not going to convert in business.

Are Landing Pages Worth It?

“But I’ve got landing pages, and that means my customers get the information they want.”

You might be right. But landing pages are made to have engaging content that answers someone’s question and then lets them come to your site.

Landing pages are going to cost you a lot of money per month—80 dollars or more just for a static web page—but it is totally worth it. You still need to make sure the content is engaging. If the content is not engaging, you’re not going to be having the conversions that you want and you’re still spending lots of money. If you’re spending lots of money, you need to charge your clients more. If you’re charging your clients more just to give the money away, why are you going for a service that’s gonna burn up in flames?


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The Final Word

1. You’re in an industry where you never need any online traffic

2. It’s just there as a portfolio. Say you’re an actress or an actor and you’ve got someone who’s booking you jobs and you don’t need to use it for marketing and any online presence

Continue with those candle websites. You won’t have a problem.

But if you want to be found on Google and pay less for AdWords but you want to be getting great results, get a custom website.

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