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How to Define Your Marketing Message With Lisa McLeod

Key Points:

Are you being caught in a trap of spending heaps of marketing and getting no traction? We’ve got Lisa McLeod here from Selling With Noble Purpose, and she's going to talk about how to make sure that you have a clear cut message.

3 Things That Hinder Your Business

Lisa McLeod

So Lisa, what are some of the main blunders when people start marketing and trying to sell a new business? What are the things you think they need to focus on? 

Lisa: There are three main things that get in peoples’ way.

The first thing is what they think it means to sell. This is over-describing what they do.

Secondly is their expertise. Most people start a business because there are some customers out there who are not getting their needs met. What gets in their way when they are trying to sell is that they are too deep in their expertise.

Lastly, they don’t have clarity and purpose. They think their purpose is to sell, but the purpose is to make a difference to your customers. This should be the centre of your marketing message and not your product. How do you make a difference to customers? What is your impact? 

How to Have a Clear Voice and Define Your Marketing Message

I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of doing that previously. I’m an engineer who thinks very much in detail. I was in a spot where I knew I had a great product, but I thought, what if I have the cure for cancer but not the voice and the clear message to tell everyone about it. Do you have an example of seeing businesses that highlight what they do instead of why they do it?

Lisa: That's right! It’s what they do versus why they do it.

Let’s say with the cure for cancer, the fact whether it's injectable or it's a pill, all we care about is the cure for cancer. We need to think this way as sellers. We had an IT company we were working with, and it's an American company, and you can outsource all your IT to them.

So when I started working on it, we said, what impact do you have on customers? One guy in the room stood up and said, we help small businesses be more successful. That’s what happens when you have that clarity of purpose. 

Every time you interact with a customer, that's what you're trying to help them: be more successful. And if you're a business owner, one of your challenges is getting your people to have the right behaviours with customers.

What Is Your Impact?

Absolutely. We changed our marketing messages around after addressing the question of what we are actually doing. We've redefined the message of what we do in business and what we do for people's lives to challenge their operations by creating kindhearted personal relationships driven by cutting-edge advancement. We changed our marketing message and said we guarantee your uptime, and if you go down, we pay you. The message is very clear—we guarantee that your business will run perfectly with technology—and we're happy enough to put our money where our mouth is.

Lisa: The exercise you have done is really important. Finding your "why" can be easy if you have a small business with a handful of employees, but if you go to a mid-sized business, you need to be explicit.

Why? Because you want a competitive differentiation

Even if what you are selling is not unique, you’ve got to show that you do your business differently.

Second, you need an emotional engagement with your people. You have to drive emotional engagement with your team to motivate them to try new innovation. As a leader, you have to articulate the impact you have on customers and make that the north star of the business.

Make sure your expertise doesn't get in the way when you are trying to sell. Click Next to read more! 

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