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Is Your Business Prepared for Disasters?

Is Your Business Prepared for Disasters?


When hurricane Katrina struck in 2005, New Orleans was not ready for a disaster of that scale because it always feels like you have more time to prepare until you don't.

Only a Few Businesses Are Prepared for Disasters

In my experience, only a very small fraction of businesses are prepared when it comes to large-scale tech disasters. The risks are there. Fire or flooding can destroy equipment. Hacking or viruses can take out a whole network. Theft and criminal damage can also be devastating.

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How Can You Prepare Your Business?

So, how do you prepare for this? Insurance will get back your equipment, but in modern business, data is your lifeblood.

I can't just tell you the solution yet. It's not how it works. Each business needs to have a disaster recovery plan that fits their situation, their location and of course, their budget.

What I can do is remind you right now to make a plan. Don't wait until it's too late.

Don't know where to start? My advice is to make a list of your inventory, all of your equipment, all of your databases and all of your software.

Then, work out what on that list is the most valuable to your business's success. From there, you'll see how to build a recovery plan.

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The Final Word

It doesn't take a hurricane. Just one suspicious download or a badly placed cup of coffee and boom, bye-bye data.


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