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What Is Better Than Just Having a Good Password

Why You Should Love Two-Factor Authentication?Protect Your Information Using Two-Factor Authentication

In Quebec, a lot of people are bilingual. There are plenty of French signs everywhere as well as all the English. I've always thought that having a second language would be fantastic, although I think I see it's not my best skill.

Extra IT Security Step

Having a second step in IT security is always smart. That's why I always recommend having a two-factor authentication system. You might be asking, ‘What's all this in non-geek talk, Josh?’ Now, for most systems you access, you just need to use a name and a password. If you have a good password security policy, that is you've got good characters in it—you've got specials characters, uppercase, and lowercase—then it's okay for Facebook or your personal email. However, if you're dealing with banks or your company's data, it's good to have an extra step.

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A few years back, many banks sent out a small piece of hardware. It was all you needed to log in. It generated a random code and then allowed you to type that in or something with a USB stick that you just pop into your system. There were similar systems for computers where you needed a physical thing to plug in beforehand before you could log in. Nowadays, most people carry around a smartphone, so they've utilized that. We use our smartphone in a two-factor authentication setup.

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The Final Word

If you're not doing this for your key business systems, it's definitely worth having a think about. Give me a shout out if you want to know more about it and how to achieve it. It's very simple to put in, and ultimately, it means that someone's going to have to have your smartphone as well as your user name and password, making things very hard for a hacker. Traditionally, if you just had a key logger, they could have just jumped into your system, so it's something to think about.


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