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How to Make Your Website Load Faster


Speed up your website. If your website loads slowly, people are not going to go there. You’re better off just not having a website at all. Imagine if you don’t have a business card and you go to hand out your contact details written on a napkin. That would be so embarrassing! 

Your website is at the forefront of your business that people start looking into. As soon as they find out about you, they jump onto your website and have a look at some testimonials. This is how they see what’s going on and how everything’s working for you and your business. 

How Slow Websites Ruin Businesses 

office worker playing during office hoursIf you have a slow website, people are going to get annoyed. It’s not just potential customers that get annoyed. Google and all other search engines get annoyed too, so they push you down the search engine results. Having no website is better than having a slow website.

If you have a slow loading website that takes more than three seconds to load, get rid of it. It’s like having a car that only goes two kilometers an hour. It’s not gonna do you any good. You’re better off just walking wherever you’re going. 

The Benefits of Having a Fast Website 

As soon as you start speeding up your website, you’re going to notice a few things happening.

1. If you pay for AdWords, the cost of AdWords will go down.

2. Your search engine ranking will also go up.

3. The amount of time that your customer’s spend on your page will go up.

You know yourself when you’re searching around on the Web. If you’ve found a relevant website but it takes 7 seconds to load, you already have a bad taste in your mouth.  

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Get a Balance 

The first two seconds are critical, so you want to make sure your website loads quickly. You want to make sure you implement different technologies for it to load quickly.

If your customer has 15 seconds to devote to your message and it takes 2 seconds for your website to load, that’s 13 seconds for reading what’s on your page. If it takes 10 seconds for your website to load, that’s 5 seconds that they’re going to devote to reading what’s on your page.

Most people don’t read very quickly, so it needs to be very visual. Unfortunately, visual sites load slowly. You need to make sure you have a balance and you have a fast loading site so that you can grab as many customers as possible.

A few of the technologies that you can put in place to help speed up your website include expires headers, image sprites, gzip, data caching, and content delivery networks.  

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Final Thoughts 

Have a fast website, or don’t have a website at all. There are companies out there that will speed up your website. The general cost for this is ranges from $800 to $1,000 for a basic site. It’s money worthwhile spending because if you don’t have a fast website, you’re going to be losing customers. Do it!

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