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Email Spam Alert – How to Protect Your System From Email Threats and Viruses

Email Spam Alert

A couple of months ago, we did a review of suspicious emails that come through. This is something I want to bring up again. There is a new one that is going absolutely rampant.

What to do when you get an email threat?

If you’re getting this sort of stuff, you got to make sure that you are not responding to it. It is just garbage. We had 22 of these emails come through one of our servers in the last week, so that’s pretty impressive.


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What to do to protect your emails?

We make sure that all of your servers and everything else are protected by having this thing called Edge Cloud Protection. When emails come in and land on this server, they are scrubbed for any viruses. Edge Cloud Protection makes sure that everything has gone through, and then the emails are sent to your servers whether it be Office 365, Google Apps, or On-Premise Exchange, or CPAN. Whatever it is that you’re using for your email, Edge Cloud Protection will scrub it before it gets to you, removing the potential of getting a virus. It’s very important to make sure you scrub it first.


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How does an email threat look like?

Being able to have that sort of access to this kind of information shows us the amount of emails and bits and pieces that are going through at the moment, all of that hacking your account. Here are some of the stuff that hackers have sent:

“As you may have noticed, I sent you an email from your account.”
That’s the first weird thing to happen.

“This means that I have full access to your account.”
That is untrue. You can spoof email accounts very easily.

“At the time of hacking your account (your email address), you had this password.”
It’s a wrong password from about six or seven years ago.

It has no relevant information. It’s just people that want to take your shit, ransom, done. The short of it: don’t click on emails you don’t know. If you get something like this again, just make sure you’re smart about it and you don’t click into it.

Get an Edge Cloud Protection or search for cloud-based, email spam filter, or cloud email spam filter on Google. You’ll be able to get something that will make sure you’re not going to be getting these emails in your inbox at all. It’s something to think about. Stay good.

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