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How to Make a Good Password and Remember It

fingerprint - online security

How to Make a Strong Password and Remember It - online security

I’ve just told everyone your password. Yup. They are the most common passwords that people have.

Yep. Had to think about that for a moment. If you have any of those passwords, any of the ones that are flicking on the right side of your screen, you’re in trouble mister.

10 worst passwords of 2018 Your password is going to be cracked like that. There’s no point in having a password. Just leave your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition and cross your fingers it doesn’t get stolen. There are so many stupid passwords that we see time and time again, it’s ridiculous. If your password is “password”, that’s not a very good password, is it?

The idea of a password is to have a locked way of getting into something. So, people can’t just jump in there. You don’t just have your key sitting on the front door and say please don’t take me down to Bunnings and copy me. You need to make sure you’re diligent with your password. Use tools such as Last Pass or Kee Pass or one of the other password management tools that allow for you to store your passwords in an encrypted way. Don’t have the same password for everything. That’s a big no no. Don’t have the same password, mate. I get one of your passwords, I get all of your passwords. It doesn’t make any sense.

Make sure you’ve got different passwords for everything. Half of the people that we come across before they are onboarded have the password password0! Or just the word password. How are they not just sensible with what they’re doing? People don’t want to get hacked and they don’t have the downtime, but they don’t want to commit a password to their memory.

If you aren’t very good with committing something to memory and you’re a bit of a goldfish, use Last Pass or Kee Pass or find a password manager. You can have it on your phone. You grab out your phone and you go into it and you can look at the list of all your passwords. Then you can click on it and then you can type your password in.

You can save your password in a browser, but make sure that you’ve got a good password for the account you’re saving it with. So, say for instance if you’ve got a Google account and you’re using Chrome and you’re saving the password in there, have a really super, duper difficult password. It doesn’t have to be difficult for you. It has to be difficult for everyone else. A great example would be your mother’s birthdate or the date your parents were engaged or something like that. Something no one else is really going to know and if someone asks you the question be like, “Oh that’s a bit suspicious isn’t it?”

fingerprint on keyboardWe went through and did a test. I rang up pretending to be a woman. Now, I had permission to do this by the person. But rang up a large Australian bank and pretended starting with the letter N, yep, pretended to be this woman. Now she is a woman in her late 60s.

I rang up and I said that I was the woman in the same voice you’re hearing right now. I told them my maiden name and I told them my address and I told them my full name and I changed around the mortgage she was on. I don’t sound like a woman in her late 60s. I think. I hope I don’t sound like a woman in her late 60s. But they went, “Alright.” Then I answered the questions right and that was it. They let me in. That’s so ridiculous. Have difficult questions. Make sure that you’re using a difficult password.

Passwords are easy to break into if they’re easy passwords. Social hacking is the biggest problem that we’re going to be facing over the next 5 to 10 years. If I can call up and pretend to be you using my voice and transfer money out of your bank account or change your annual mortgage, it was a white head thing I did. I found a better rate. It was a nice thing. You got to start wondering. You got to protect yourself.

Being negligent is not a reason to be turning a blind eye to this. You need to make sure you’re on top of it. Have good passwords. 123456, password0! Remove all these passwords from your life. Make it so that you do something. Maybe it’s your wife’s name. Maybe it’s something else, but just make it something and then chuck a couple of special characters, a question mark, an exclamation mark, a hash. Something. Something different. Put a capital letter in there. Spoil yourself.

Get a good password. Stay good.


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