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How to Market Your Business Online and Make People Respond

how to market your business online

How to Market Your Business Online and Make People Respond

What is marketing? Who even knows? All we know is that it’s something you need in business and has something to do with making money. Probably. Marketing is all about relaying your message to your customer in a way that’s fun and easy for them to understand without it getting into all googly gook and everything else.

Show Your Face

A great way to do that is showing yourself and showing your face like what I’m doing. Even if it’s a face for radio, you can try.

You need to show your face, and one of the great things you should be doing is chucking your photo or a portrait photo or a very fancy photo or a nice professional photo image in your email signature. The reason for this is people relate to faces. People like knowing there’s a real person on the other end that cares about them.

Unless You Want to Seem Like a Robot…

If we rewind to when you’re at school, and you think about your teacher. Now we know the teacher had a face, but like that’s just really, really well engineered. They’re actually robots, or so we thought. Just because we didn’t see them outside of school, I assumed that the teachers slept at school and I don’t know, is that just me? Anyway, I’m digressing.

So teachers seemed like robots and you don’t want to seem like a robot to your customers, especially new customers and 100% not for your long lasting customers.

Mount Rushmore Is a Giant Marketing Stunt

how to market your business online

Be relatable. I’ve got a fantastic video and it looks like I’m here in Australia at the beach right now, but the cool news is with only a few simple clicks, I’ll go from here all the way to Mount Rushmore. Here I am. So I’m going to step off for you to hear a little bit about what I have to say about Mount Rushmore.

You know where this is right? Yep. It’s Mount Rushmore, and this world-famous historical site is really just a giant marketing stunt. They came up with the idea in the early 1920s to attract tourists to this part of South Dakota. You can’t deny that it worked. Over two million people visit each year, and tourism is South Dakota’s second largest industry.

It goes to show how much people respond to faces. It’s hardwired into our brains. If this had been a giant carving of the White House, it would never have had the same impact.

Businesses Need Faces

We all respond so much better to an individual with a name and eyes and hopefully some teeth. Multiple studies and real-world tests have shown that using photos of people builds trust and increases conversion rates.

The most popular customer service is when a customer deals with a face and a name, even if it’s just at the bottom of an email. Businesses are all about people and people. We like to deal with people. So try and put a face on it.

The Final Word

Who would have thought that marketing was that interesting and it’s been going on for that long? Turn a bloody rock into a reason for people to come. Blew my mind. But here we are.

Nevertheless, I hope that’s given you a couple of hints and tips as to the way people are using rocks to their advantage. If there are any rocks in your business, make sure you’re very resourceful and re-utilise them.

Stay good.

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