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Property Services

Efficiently Executed

Dorks Delivered provides essential IT capability and high security to all property services businesses, allowing them to manage multiple projects simultaneously. We understand the confidence needed when running robust programs with secure data storage on sensitive information – that’s why our in-person and remote IT support is always highly responsive.
Need tenant or project office setups? Cloud computing services allow your business to be more agile when you’re on the go. We can provide tools that help agents coordinate better, liaise with tenants, collect rent, manage leases, and so much more. Partner with us for IT solutions so you have more focus hours and spend less time on technical difficulties.


Improve Your Client Relationships

Property services providers in Brisbane know that client experience is crucial but may feel overwhelmed when looking for a comprehensive solution.
With our customised workspace, you and your team can quickly connect to clients through voice calling or video conferencing – without sacrificing convenience. Setting up the service requires minimal time investment which will pay off by providing your employees with an improved communication.


  • Combine voice/video/messaging into one tool
  • Organising projects into channels
  • Securely share client files
  • Send business texts and receive voicemails
  • AI-powered call transcription
  • Virtual receptionist options to create custom routing, so clients reach the right member of your staff
  • Live coaching and sentiment analysis to help you improve client support
  • Encrypted to meet global compliance standards
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Remote Monitoring and Management

Uptime Guarantee for All Businesses

Property management and real estate professionals across Brisbane and its surrounds understand that any downtime for their business can be costly. Having the right tools to monitor critical resources is essential – but these may not always fit within smaller budgets.
Our remote monitoring solutions guarantee uptime, providing robust protection from cyberattacks or accidental data loss; if your systems suffer unexpected disruption, we stand by our service with a compensation promise.


  • Real-time issue resolution
  • A complete network management protocol
  • Windows and third-party patch management
  • Regular insight reports

Monitored Backup and Disaster Recovery

All-Encompassing Data Security

Our comprehensive data management solutions enable property services professionals to ensure that their financial client information and ATO records are secure.
With over two decades of experience in accounting software, our firm has the expertise necessary for your backup and disaster recovery needs with straightforward pricing plans. Our technology is always up to date, ensuring maximum protection against costly losses or breaches of sensitive data.


  • Fully automated backups in real-time
  • Multiple copies, including offsite replication
  • Incremental backups to check for data corruption
  • Regular reviews and consolidation of data sources
  • Swift and easy recoveries
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Maximised Protection

In an ever-changing world of cyber threats, businesses dealing with property assets understand that securing their online systems is paramount.
Our cybersecurity services provide a complete solution to protect against these risks while keeping costs in check. We serve as the eyes and ears on the dark web by scanning credentials and reviewing levels of defence before presenting options that reduce risk exposure, ensuring maximum privacy, security and regulatory compliance within all areas of finance.


  • One-click remediation
  • A team of 24/7 threat hunters
  • Persistence footholds for malware detection
  • Managed antivirus prevention
  • Preemptive ransomware detection


Increase Your Bottom Line

Unlock the potential of your property business with our productivity tools.
Increase efficiency and save time and money, allowing you to take on more projects while helping employees reach their goals – all contributing towards greater success for your organisation in a constantly evolving professional sphere.


  • A collaborative workspace
  • Streamlined processes
  • Analytic measurement tools
  • Cloud document management
  • Intelligent process automation
  • Internal and external collaboration options
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Time Management

Gain Insightful Knowledge

Time management solutions can unlock numerous opportunities for increased efficiency and better performance for businesses in the property sector.
Our options provide visibility into how employees spend their hours to boost productivity while maintaining work-life balance – all informed by data owners can leverage to allocate resources or adjust processes where needed. Take advantage of these invaluable benefits today.


  • Accurate timekeeping and progress reports
  • Automatic tracking
  • Offline capabilities
  • Integration with other systems
  • Enhanced data privacy

Digital Marketing

Reinvigorate Your Marketing Campaigns

Grow your business and get the most out of every dollar with our helpful digital marketing services. Our creative approach targets specific audiences for tailored content that provides valuable insights into customer behaviour, giving you an edge in building brand awareness and trust without breaking the bank.
We have budget-friendly options to maximise leads, conversions, and automation – all designed to help your business get more customers.


  • SEO assistance
  • Tracking customer behaviour
  • Lead generation
  • Creating targeted campaigns
  • Copywriting services
  • Automated email marketing

Web Hosting

Hosting Services for All Price points

Worry less and focus more on the big-picture aspects of your business with our reliable, competitively priced web hosting services.
We guarantee a speedy and stable online presence for your website – supported by our technical team every step of the way. Our stellar plans start from only $1 monthly; get connected now to benefit from this unbeatable deal!


  • • Australian web hosting
  • • Guaranteed uptime
  • • Website backup
  • • SSL certificate
  • • Security updates and maintenance

Cloud Solutions

Enhance productivity and cost-efficiency

Explore the many advantages of cloud computing to revolutionise your property business and save space in your office.
Our experts have been helping clients reap its cost-saving and space-efficient benefits for over ten years – providing multiple solutions that keep you up to date with modern technology without stretching your budget.


  • Cloud architecture and enablement
  • Migration services
  • Custom projects
  • Security strategy and enablement

Let's Make Your Business Better

Bespoke solutions for your business leveraging automation that will give you guaranteed up-time to support your clients