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Everyone needs an IT Security Audit to mitigate risk - Its all about Risk Management

We all look to experts for advice if it’s something that is out of our expertise or we don’t have the time. We get our cars fixed at a mechanic and we get a builder to build our house. For these jobs we normally get 3 quotes, but long term relationships and changes in business direction can adjust your sails and those of the companies you work with. This can affect the security of your network and the integrity and uptime of your company. Your current IT company might be taking you down the garden path and you could be getting ripped off and not even know it.

IT Audit and IT Risk Management in Brisbane QLD

We have a 120 point check list that can be covertly done in the background to ensure the integrity of the work that is being done is up to par and there are no vulnerabilities. The best bit is we give you a report that you can take to your current company to put the hard word on their integrity as a company. Don’t leave yourself open to risk, the report is a small price to pay to ensure you are getting what you are paying for and you don’t have dozens of employees costing you tens of thousands of dollars waiting for days as files are recovered from a corrupt backup. Make sure you have the peace of mind and your mind isn’t occupied with questions like: 

  • Is my network secure?
  • Is my data safe?
  • Am I protected?
  • Is everything running as efficiently as possible?
  • Where is my disaster recovery plan?

We will analyse your current IT infrastructure through our non‐invasive methods and ensure that you are getting what you are paying for and your business is not open to any kind of risks.



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Work with a Managed IT company who can help you streamline your systems and operations management. Implementing high‐tech solutions to ensure the integrity, uptime and accountability of all internal system processes gives you the assurance that you have continuity.


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