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The 4 Cs of Selecting an IT Support Provider

4 Cs of Selecting an IT Support Provider-Dorks Delivered

Looking for an IT Support Provider for Your Business?

An IT service provider plays an important role when it comes to the daily operations of Aussie businesses. An IT partner is responsible for helping you with some or all of the IT-related aspects for your business to work like clockwork. This is the reason why selecting an IT support provider is significant and, at the same time, a hard decision to make.


Do you really want just an IT support provider?

There are a lot of IT companies in Queensland. Aside from IT support providers, you can also find:

• IT vendors

• IT auditors

• IT consultants

Keep in mind that an IT vendor (or an IT service provider) can provide you with the daily technical services that are essential to keep your business operations smoothly running. IT auditors help you ensure that your in-house IT team or IT service provider is doing their job, while IT consultants not only cater to your daily IT support needs but also guide you with your long-term information security strategy.


Each business is unique and has different technological environments. Each has their own preferences in terms of the technology to use. Therefore, it is vital that your IT support provider has years of industry experience, technical expertise, and immense capabilities. Companies with vast capabilities can support your exceptional technological environment and needs.


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In any kind of relationship, having an open line of communication is needed. This is also true when it comes to IT partnership. A good IT support provider will keep you informed and updated about every aspect of your IT system. It includes active projects, open or pending technical issues, and even planned unexpected service outages. They will always keep you attuned with what’s happening on your business.


Business culture is often overlooked but it is one of the most necessary qualities that you should look for in an IT support provider. It can make or break a partnership. Your IT partner will be somewhat integrated into your organisation to help you realise your business goals, so you should make sure that your IT support provider’s culture aligns with or close to your organisation’s.


When looking for an IT partner, one of the most crucial questions that you should ask yourself is this: “Can we fully trust this IT company?” You must remember that when you hire an IT support provider, you’ll be entrusting one of your business’ vital aspects. You’ll know that you can trust your IT partner when:

• They undergo regular audits to achieve third-party certification.

• They conduct detailed background checks on their employees.

• They invest in certified staff members and partnerships with known industry leaders.


Don’t know what you need exactly? Book a free, no-commitment 60-minute consultation with a dork.


The Final Word

It is true that looking for the best IT support provider is hard, especially when you have lots of options here in Australia. Nevertheless, you must make sure that you covered the four Cs—capabilities, communication, culture, and confidence. Only those IT companies who possess these qualities are what you can call your true IT partner.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2019. It has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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