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Information System Audit: Strengthening Security and Compliance

Information System Audit: Strengthening Security and Compliance

In Australia, we can be rather relaxed. The “she’ll be right” attitude is all well and good until something goes wrong and you are up you know what creek without a paddle. The importance of having a strategic and holistic approach to cybersecurity solution is more important than ever. There’s no single solution to fighting and eliminating cybersecurity risks. The challenges they present are multi-faceted, so information cybersecurity systems need to be multi-dimensional. One approach that works is having an external information system audit on top of internal monitoring.


How’s Your Information System?

There are two types of businesses in this digital age: those that haven’t understood the problem brought by cybersecurity risks and those that are yet to test their cybersecurity defences. Both haven’t perfected their approach to cybersecurity. If you want to still be in the game in the years to come, invest in a good information system and an effective method of testing its strength.


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Cyber Security Risk: Assessing the Problem

When your business operations heavily rely on applications and networks, it only follows that you also have something that protects what keeps your business going. Think about it: you put a lot of information in applications that boost your efficiency by automating processes. For example, Australian businesses that are not obsessed with numbers rely on convenient accounting and bookkeeping solutions, such as QuickBooks, MOYD Standard, MYOB Essentials, Reckon One, Saasu and Xero, just to name a few. And we can’t blame them! These solutions give automatic updates and can be accessed from almost everywhere. Most of them can be integrated into other applications.

However, using applications means your information is out there. Now you create or call a team of information security experts to ensure your network and all information in it is secure. If you’re one of the few that have acknowledged the most common problem of going digital, you probably have a solution in place. Points for being a step ahead of your competition. But have you tested the effectiveness of your information security system?


Information Security System: Testing Your Solution

Regular testing and assessing areas for improvement have remained a challenge if not the least priority for many SMEs. A huge mistake considering an information system audit is simple and can be done in the background.

There are two ways to test an information security system that’s supposed to protect your assets from cyber risks. One is testing it as soon as it’s in place; another is waiting for it to be tested by a cyber attack. Obviously, one is better than the other.


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Strengthen Your Information Security

An information system audit can strengthen your defences. It helps you identify weak spots in your security system and risk profiles. An audit can also help you identify solutions based on the findings and your business needs. Yes, it doesn’t have to be all about information technology. It should also consider your business needs.


Don’t Forget About Laws and Regulations

An information system audit can also save you from any trouble involving the government. Since the early 2000s, cyber laws and regulations have evolved greatly. Enterprises are now required to do a lot of things to help protect themselves, their business partners, and most importantly, their customers. An audit can help you spot possible legal issues.


The Final Word

If you are someone who really cares about your business and your data you should really consider an information system audit. This simple procedure might save you and your business from a disaster. On top of this, you can rest easy at night knowing that your business is protected and ready for anything. Get an information system audit!

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