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3 Tips on How to Keep Your Technology Up to Date

How to keep your technology up to date

How to keep your technology up to date 

This strange, alien landscape is one of the many canyons of Utah. And as you might expect, they filmed a lot of movies down here, one of the most famous is the Planet of the Apes. In that film, ‎Charlton Heston and his crew of astronauts, who were in hibernation for 2,000 years, ultimately crashed back on Earth, but they didn’t recognise their planet because it’s changed that much and because the apes have taken over.

Now, here in our real world, the monkeys might not be in charge, but things are changing incredibly quickly. It can be scary for business. You blink, and suddenly there’s a whole bunch of new technology that you’ve never heard of.

So, if you don’t want to become a stranger in a strange land, here are some simple tips on how to keep your technology up-to-date.

1. Always think about your needs.

That is the big one. Rather than looking at every new thing that appears, look at the other way around. Think about what you feel you’re lacking in your business or a problem that you’re having.

That way, you can narrow down the solutions that you’re looking for.

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2. Read technology blogs.

If you only read the blogs about your industry, you’ll only be hearing about new tech at the same time that everyone else does in your industry. This completely stops you from any advantage from it. You’re always playing catch up.

Look at the tech that you use and keep an eye on the resources for those industries.

3. Ask a dork.

If you can’t ask me or anyone else at Dorks Delivered directly, get a hold of a techy. For the price of a coffee or chat over a beer, you might discover a product that could completely revolutionise the way that you work. It’s completely worth a shout out.

Ultimately, let’s make sure we stay ahead of those pesky apes.


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