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Financial Sector

Dependable Processes

Dork Delivered is committed to providing reliable, tailored IT solutions for financial professionals. We understand the importance of secure storage and an effective system that can handle multiple software programs concurrently – allowing them to focus on their business needs and client relationships confidently.  

Through systematic data collection and storage, reliable backup and disaster recovery, groundbreaking communication tools, and our responsive support staff, we ensure clients have everything they need at their fingertips to help achieve their business goals.


Level Up Your Client Experiences

Years of conversations and collaboration with finance experts in Brisbane have revealed the same burning need – improvement to their client experience. To help kickstart this journey, an all-inclusive communication tool is a must.  

We can provide a customised workspace that enables you and your team to connect with clients through voice calling, messaging or video conferencing from any location. Our solution will take only a few minutes to set up, save you time in the long run, and, most importantly, give everyone on your team and your clients a better way to communicate.  


  • Combine voice/video/messaging into one tool 
  • Organising projects into channels  
  • Securely share client files  
  • Send business texts and receive voicemails  
  • AI-powered call transcription 
  • Virtual receptionist options to create custom routing, so clients reach the right member of your staff  
  • Live coaching and sentiment analysis to help you improve client support 
  • Encrypted to meet global compliance standards

Remote Monitoring and Management

Financially Backed Guaranteed Uptime for Your Business

Financial services professionals in Brisbane and surrounding areas are under significant pressure to maintain high levels of uptime for their resources or face costly disruptions. Without the proper tools, monitoring these critical elements can present a challenge – especially for small businesses with limited budgets.  

Our remote monitoring and management services are the perfect solution to handle everything from accidental data loss prevention to cyberattack resistance. We’re so confident in our service that it comes with an uptime guarantee – if your business suffers downtime, we’ll pay you to compensate for it.  


  • Real-time issue resolution  
  • A complete network management protocol  
  • Windows and third-party patch management
  • Regular insight reports

Monitored Backup and Disaster Recovery

The Smartest Way to Secure Your Data

Professionals in the financial industry have special needs regarding data storage and backup management. Along with accessing data daily, we understand that finance businesses are constantly dealing with sensitive client information and ATO records, so strong data security is necessary.  

With over 20 years of experience working with accounting software, we have the capability and knowledge to handle your data management needs. Our full-featured backup and disaster recovery system comes with simple and predictable pricing. We also keep ourselves up to date with the most effective strategies and techniques to help you keep your critical information safe. 


  • Fully automated backups in real-time  
  • Multiple copies, including offsite replication 
  • Incremental backups to check for data corruption 
  • Regular reviews and consolidation of data sources  
  • Swift and easy recoveries


Safeguard Against Dangerous Threats

Protecting against cyber-attacks is essential for all financial sector businesses due to the sensitive nature of the data they store and manage. Unfortunately, your systems being compromised is a real threat, but our cybersecurity services will provide ultimate protection while reducing your security budget’s overall cost. 

To help our clients be fully protected, we scan the dark web for their credentials and examine their protection levels to identify any lapses before recommending mitigation options. Our state-of-the-art systems ensure privacy, security, and regulatory compliance for all businesses in the financial sector.  


  • One-click remediation 
  • A team of 24/7 threat hunters 
  • Persistence footholds for malware detection 
  • Managed antivirus prevention 
  • Preemptive ransomware detection


Work Smarter, Not Harder

Increasing productivity is essential for businesses in the finance sector to remain competitive in today’s ever-changing professional landscape. With increased productivity, companies can do more with less, driving efficiency and saving time and money.  

Our productivity tools will empower your business to expand, grow its customer base and become more profitable. Beyond that, they provide employees with the resources necessary for them to reach their goals – paving the way towards unprecedented success.


  • A collaborative workspace  
  • Streamlined processes  
  • Analytic measurement tools 
  • Cloud document management  
  • Intelligent process automation 
  • Internal and external collaboration options

Time Management

Stay Up to Date

Managing your time correctly is one of the keys to increasing business efficiency. Our time management solutions can give businesses in the financial sector various benefits.  

These options can increase productivity by providing visibility and insights into how employees are spending their time and help employees maintain work-life balance. Another benefit is providing business owners with valuable data to inform decisions, such as understanding where resources need to be allocated or where processes can be tweaked for better performance. 


  • Accurate timekeeping and progress reports 
  • Automatic tracking 
  • Offline capabilities  
  • Integration with other systems 
  • Enhanced data privacy

Digital Marketing

Enhance Your Advertising

Handling your digital marketing needs in-house is a cost-effective approach to growing your business, but your results can significantly increase with a small investment. Targeting specific audiences with tailored content can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour, and we can help you do it on a budget. 

Our digital marketing tools include options to help your business build brand awareness and trust among customers and drive leads and conversions through customer experience automation.  


  • SEO assistance  
  • Tracking customer behaviour 
  • Lead generation  
  • Creating targeted campaigns 
  • Copywriting services 
  • Automated email marketing

Web Hosting

Wholesale Hosting Prices

Making sure a website is live is one of the fundamentals of any business with an internet presence. It is crucial for financial services businesses that can’t have excess downtime. Instead of worrying about whether your site is working correctly, you can focus on more critical tasks in your industry. 

With our web hosting services, your website will be speedy, stable, and supported by our technical staff. Our pricing is also the most competitive in Australia, with some web hosting plans starting from as little as $1.  


  • Australian web hosting 
  • Guaranteed uptime 
  • Website backup 
  • SSL certificate 
  • Security updates and maintenance

Cloud Solutions

Improve Your Operations

To increase business efficiency, cloud computing solutions are often used in the financial sector to minimise costs, save office space, and assist with tasks that otherwise would be highly time-consuming.  

While embracing the cloud can be complex and overbearing, we’re here to help. With over a decade of experience managing cloud solutions for clients, we can provide you with multiple options that will ensure your business is future-proof without breaking the bank.  


  • Cloud architecture and enablement 
  • Migration services 
  • Custom projects 
  • Security strategy and enablement