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How to Promote Your Website, Youtube Channel or Podcast

How to Promote Your Website, Youtube Channel or Podcast

As you now know, content is king. The leaders in our industry, and not just our industry now, but historically our leaders forever have always been the ones that had content, the ones that had the hold of the content were the ones that were leading the nations. You need to make sure you’ve got great quality content and you’ve got something for people to come to your site and see. Today we’re going to be talking about, instead of content and creation, we’re going to be talking about how to get that in front of people’s eyes.


Social Media Is the Key

Most people nowadays have all the different social media channels. You’ve got Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and probably more. You can have your own little audiences of people and all these audiences may be really, really engaged with your content or they may only engage every so often or they may share it on. It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that you’re getting your content out on these social media sites. You’re getting it out in front of people to listen to, to watch or to read.


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To do that, we use a product called Sendible. Sendible is simply amaze balls. It lets us schedule any of the content that we create through our podcasts or through our YouTube channel and have it set so that when we want to let everyone know about it. It saves us a stack of time, saves us as stack of money in what we would have had to been spending on employees to be able to submit it to everything, and it makes our process nearly automatic. It can do some really cool stuff where as soon as something has been marked as published, whether that be a YouTube video, a blog, or a podcast, it can then automatically notice that it’s been published through what’s called an RSS feed. From there it allows for your content to then start being promoted through any of these social networks. What’s more is it gives you the ability to see what each of these social networks are doing with it. So maybe they have a lot of engagement, and if there’s a lot of engagement, awesome. If there’s not a lot of engagement, then you can see that as well. You can also make sure that you’re making content around the things that are creating engagement.


The examples and the tips that I gave earlier in the previous episode were all around creating content and the smart ways to do it, because you already know if you’re asking your clients what their pain points are. Asking Google and typing just a few very basic words and seeing what comes up, again, gives you an idea of what people have been typing into Google and that goes the same for answer the public. If you’re able to put all these answers together in a fantastic platform such as Libsyn or YouTube or on your website blog then you can push all that content through social media to be in front of your clients. There’s a great chance that even if one of them didn’t speak up and didn’t give you the information on what actually needs to be done or what they’ve thought about, you’ve put that information in front of them and that gives you the ability to answer a question that hasn’t been asked. That means you’re delivering fantastic quality as a value add to your current clients, as well as potential prospects. It works on so many levels.


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The Final Word

You’ve got to start getting out there and putting your content out there. It might take a bit of time, it might take a few hours, but it is 100% the only way to grow your business in the world that we’re in nowadays. This is only a short one today and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Anyway, stay good.

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