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World Password Day

World Password Day

We celebrate World Password Day every first Thursday of May. This special day aims to remind people to protect themselves online by using strong passwords. Avoid passwords like ‘12345678’ and ‘password’. Secure your social media pages and other online accounts by using passwords that are hard to guess.


What Are Strong Passwords?

Identity theft is one of the most common forms of cybercrime these days. If you would use a weak password, there’s no point in having a password. You’re only letting hackers access your online accounts. Use strong passwords on all of your accounts, including the ones that you rarely use because these may be cybercriminals’ source of information about you.


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Create passwords that are at least 16 characters long. Include:

  • lowercase letters
  • uppercase letters
  • symbols
  • numbers

You can also use online password generators to make hard-to-guess passwords. Watch this video for more tips on how to make and store a strong password.


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Multi-Factor Authentication

At Dorks Delivered, we always recommend multi-factor authentication to our clients. In most systems, you just need a username and a password. If you have a good password security policy, that is okay. However, if you want to protect your company’s data, it’s good to have an extra step to secure your key business systems.

Enable two-step verification so that after users enter their password, they will receive a randomly generated set of numbers in their smartphones that they need to enter to successfully log in. Watch the video below to learn more about two-factor authentication.


Other Good Password Practices

  • Create a different password for each account.
  • Use password generators to create strong passwords for online accounts, routers, etc.
  • Use password managers like Bitwarden to store and encrypt your passwords.
  • Change passwords regularly.

Happy World Password Day!

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