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Nostalgia Marketing: Why Is It Effective?

Why Does Nostalgia Marketing Work?

Seligman is one of the birthplaces of Route 66. It’s quite interesting! It’s a quaint little town that’s kept very well with the theme of the way it all works and the way it all looks

A Tourism Town

There are about 500 people, and the whole town’s supported purely by the tourism industry. It feels like you’re sort of jumping back into yesteryear, which is quite lovely. It’s good, nice weather today and a nice day for a good adventure.


Seligman’s Story

Seligman was one of the most popular stops on Route 66. However, in 1978, a new interstate road opened, bypassing this famous road. Seligman didn’t give up. They used one of the most powerful tools in marketing: nostalgia.

The Final Word

Nostalgia is powerful because it’s about simplicity. Everything seemed so much less complicated in the past no matter how old you are. The town of Seligman is powered by 100% renewable nostalgia. Visit it and look at the fun little shops, cool little places.

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