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Your Personal Risk Analysis

What Happens If You Get Sick?

There’s this almighty scale that you have to try and keep in balance wherever you can, and sometimes, they get out of whack. What we’re going to be talking about today is risk analysis, but more specifically, your personal risk analysis.

Do You Have Insurance?

Now, what I mean by that is if you’re in business, hopefully, you’re doing something that other people in your business are not, and that means that you are a key player or performer or cog or reason to be in that business, and you might need to work out a way to overcome that. If you are a key person, you can get insurances to make sure that you are protected if something were to go wrong.

You can get insurances with any other people in your business, who might be key people, to make sure whatever goes wrong with them doesn’t come back and be a problem for you. However, you need to have a look at the risk analysis for yourself.

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What’s Your Level of Risk?

Some people are high-risk takers, who will jump out of aeroplanes and go in V8 supercars and all this cool jazz. Some people wrap themselves in bubble wrap and don’t even consider going on an aeroplane.

What Are the Things to Look At?

Your risk is up to you and how you go about doing that, but the amount of risk and the things that you do in business needs to be able to be formed up as well. You need to be able to analyse:

• what you’re doing

• how you’re doing it

• how you could be doing it better

• how you can remove yourself from business


You can remove yourself from the business by:

• creating standard operating procedures and knowledge-based articles

• putting in KPIs for other people to overtake you

• making sure that you’re not the person that’s blowing the whistle

Do You Have the Whistle?

Make sure that you’re the person who has a whistle but your people are able to pull up themselves from their own mistakes. That’s the big difference between just being a manager and being a leader: making sure they have accountability, they hold on to the project that they may have thought of or you may have guided them with, and most importantly, they hold on to the problems within the project and they’re accountable for this.

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Analyse Your Personal Risk

See what happens if you remove yourself. This could be removing yourself from your kids’ lives—Hopefully, it’s not! Hopefully, it’s spending more times with your kids.

That’s why you’re able to look at this risk. Try and work out a way to remove yourself from the business or remove any other risks from the business and from your life.

I Sold My Car

When I first started business many years ago, I had a car. It was great, but it wasn’t very reliable. That was a big risk for me. It wasn’t reliable because sometimes it would just stop working. It wasn’t reliable because when it stopped working, it meant I was out of work for a long time.

So it was not safe, which meant that the people who were relying upon the services that we were offering could not rely upon myself, personally. In addition to not being safe, being not reliable meant that I had a huge risk in keeping that car. Removing that car and buying a better vehicle overcame that risk.

The Final Word

Maybe just G up some time with yourself and just look at your risk analysis. I don’t know. I said G up, that’s pretty gangster. This IT guy goes gangster, thug life. Nevertheless, check yourself. Stay good.


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