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6 IT Solutions for Australian SMEs You’ll Love to Try

IT Technology Solutions for SMEs

What IT Solutions Should SMEs Implement?

To have an edge against your competitors, it is essential for you to take advantage of the different technological advances available to enterprises in Australia. Technology has greatly impacted how businesses handle their daily operations nowadays. Whether it’s to help you reach out to your customers, protect your business data or account your finances, there are many IT solutions that you can use for your business operations.

IT Technology Solutions for SMEs

IT Consulting Companies Can Provide Top-Notch Business Solutions

If you have no idea as to what type of IT solutions you should have for your business, it’s a good idea to seek help from an IT consulting company. No matter how big or small your enterprise is, technology can offer you an array of benefits, helping you produce the business results that you aim to get. The way you use technology in your enterprise can affect your company’s efficiency, culture and relationships.

Take Advantage of Technology

At Dorks Delivered, we can help you determine the best tools for your business. And to help you get started with becoming a more tech-based company, here are business solutions that can help you improving your enterprise.

1. Make Use of an Accounting Software

Accounting can be a very bloody part of your business. If you are not careful, you can commit grave financial errors that can seriously affect your business. But with the help of an accounting software, such as Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB Essentials, the accounting part of your business can become so much easier.

2. Get a Business-Grade Antivirus

One of the most important IT solutions that you must have in your business is an antivirus—not just a personal antivirus, but one that is meant for SMEs. Having an antivirus can help you protect your business data from unwanted malware which can corrupt your files. With an antivirus installed across all of your workstations, you can avoid the hassle of having to reset your computers and erase all hard drives just to remove any malware that made its way to your computers.


3. Create a Website for Your Business

Nowadays, a website has become a necessity for businesses. This is the easiest way for enterprises to reach out to their existing and potential customers. With more than 56% of the world having access to the Internet, it only makes sense that you establish your business’ online brand. If you are not familiar with website designing or programming, you can get in touch with an IT consulting company or a website developer to handle that for you.

4. Use an Email Spam Filter

One of the most time-consuming tasks that you might want to avoid having to do is filtering through your emails to get to important messages. Considering that your business email will be accessible to almost everyone around the globe, anyone can just send you spam. With a spam filter, such as SpamBully, CleanMail, and MailWasher Pro, you won’t have to waste time filtering spam messages.

5. Implement Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Application Programming Interface or API is a system of IT tools and resources that enable developers to create software applications. By using APIs, you can create a custom program that suits your business needs. Many SMEs nowadays are including APIs into their IT solutions to help improve their efficiency in operating their business.

6. Use Password Managers

With many cyber attackers, phishers and hackers lurking on the Internet, it has become a major concern for businesses to keep their business accounts and passwords safe. Thus, the need for password managers. These programs can help you store and manage passwords for various online accounts, helping you access your accounts in an easier and safer manner.

The Final Word

You can improve your business operations by implementing the right set of IT solutions. If you need help in streamlining all of your business processes, contact us today to inquire or book a free initial consultation. Discover why we are the choice of many organisations for IT consulting and other services.

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