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What Is Your Passion and How You Can Make Money From It?

What Is Your Passion and How You Can Make Money From It?

How to Monetise Your True Passion

Today, I was asked what was my passion and was I able to turn that into a profession. I had to have a think about it because I’ve been in business for myself now for a number of years. I started my first business when I was only 12, and that continued into an ABN registered company at the soonest possible time of 14 and 9 months. Since then, I’ve been working constantly. To give you an idea, that means that I’ve been in business for 19 years or nearly two-thirds of my entire life (as of the writing of this article), which is an achievement by any standard.

Automation Was My Forte

When I was asked to think about what it was that was my passion, I realised that I loved automating things. My first business was all about automating things. My second business was all about automating things within a digital IT-connected world. I was able to go into businesses, look at any of their pain points, and then turn those into strengths, save businesses time and money. I apply this not only to my personal life, but to the lives of others, and that is an amazing achievement.

The way that my house works currently, I get home, I’ve got my sprinklers that come on automatically, that test the moisture content in the soil, only water when it’s not too windy because it tests the wind in the area as well. The battery banks in my house get automatically charged by the solar and then flick across at the most cost-effective time to either power the house or import power from the grid. All of my lights are completely automated. When you go to watch a movie, you can comfortably have the movie when you click play turn off all the lights around the house or dim them down into cinema mode. I love automation.

Automation Fueled My Business

Being able to apply that to businesses, such as Education Queensland, Logan City Council, and a number of other small to medium enterprises throughout Southeast Queensland, has really let me glow and shine, and strive forward with what we’ve been able to achieve for these other businesses. It’s a business that started off as a passion, and I only even realised that it was a passion when I started looking back and going, “Okay, everything that I’ve been doing is all revolving around automation.”

The Final Word

The most sensible way to monetise any passion is to find the niche that you sit within. For me, saving companies lots of money is always a great way to achieve this. Your passion might be making pies, if you are able to make pies that cater to a certain audience, be it super meat eaters or vegans you will stand out in the crowd and can charge a premium for the experience. Sometimes, just have a think back. What is your passion? Why did you get into whatever you’re doing? Try to reignite that flame!

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