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Are Your Employees an Asset or a Liability?

are employees an asset

are employees an assetWow! We’ve got a bore of a question that came in. Do we think employees, generally speaking, are an asset or a liability? That’s a great question, and it all depends on your environment and the ecosystem that you’ve brought them up in. It depends.

Employees Can Be an Asset

I think employees make the company. If you’ve got a fantastic family of people that you can work with, and all of you work together in synergy, and you all have a voice, and you can all see the progress of the business because of the actions that you’ve taken, they’re an asset. They’re like your arm. When your arm gets chopped off, you’re not happy. They are your right-hand man.

Or that way if this is being mirrored. Either way, they are an asset.

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Employees Can Be a Liability

They can become a liability, though, if you’re just there and you’re asking them to do a mundane task that they don’t care about and they’re not interested in doing. They’re just sitting there—tapping away, completely useless, not feeling loved in the company, and not seeing and understanding your ideals.

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If you don’t resonate together, just don’t work together! You can find someone else. You need to make sure you’ve got a fantastic family.

Otherwise, they are a liability and they can run off with your intellectual property. You might have non-competes put in place. Talk to your solicitor about how fantastic they are. You might have if you leave within a certain time period then you’re no longer able to work around this area in that same profession. Try and enforce that. Yep.

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What Can You Do as an Employer?

Anyways, be the person that makes the environment so that they are an asset—everyone has a voice and everyone is coming together and growing in one big explosion. You want everyone to come together. You don’t want to have them prematurely leave during the conversation. Be the change in your business that’s welcome and everyone will become an asset. Stay good.



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