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Why Is the Human Face an Effective Marketing Tool?

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You know where this is, right? Yep. It’s Mount Rushmore and this world-famous historical site is just a giant marketing stunt. They came up with the idea in the early 1920s, as a way to attract tourism to this part of South Dakota. You can’t deny that it worked.

Well over 2 million people visit each year and tourism is South Dakota’s second-largest industry. It goes to show how much people respond to faces. It’s hardwired into our brains. If this had been a giant carving of the White House, it would never have had the same impact. Businesses need faces. We all respond so much better to an individual with a name and eyes, and hopefully some teeth. 

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Multiple studies and real-world tests have shown that using photos of people build trust and increases conversion rates. And the most popular customer service is when a customer deals with a face and a name, even if it’s just at the bottom of an email. Businesses are all about people and people, well, we like to deal with people. So try and put a face on it.


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