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Are You a Maker or a Taker? Part 2

Are You a Maker or a Taker Part 2

I Would Like to See What You Guys Think

Do you think Elon Musk is a maker or a taker? Do you think Bill Gates is a maker or a taker? And do you think Steve Jobs was a maker or a taker?


This is my opinion based on my research. Don’t judge me.


Bill Gates

In my opinion, Bill Gates is a maker and a taker but also a massive manipulator. He’s done a great job in what he does and he does give back to people, but I feel a lot of people would give back if they’re having that amount of money he has. Like it’s not noble. I think it’s just a nice thing when you have that much money.

Elon Musk

Is he a maker or a taker? I think, honestly, he is a fantastic maker. He’s making all of these cool stuff, and a lot of it he’s giving away—the information, the patents—for free for everyone to copy and do whatever they want with. He’s genuinely changing the world and he’s doing a great job, so I strongly believe he is a maker. Sure, everyone has small little things that happen around a place to make them less of a great person, but he’s still in my eyes the modern-day maker, and he’s doing a great job.


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Steve Jobs

A hard one: is he a maker or a taker? In my opinion, it’s not really hard one (I just said that because I thought you guys would have thought it was), he is 100% a taker. A taker to the end of the earth—took everything. He took a free operating system and then he charged money for it and made a few modifications. He took a mobile phone, and he said that this is the newest and greatest in technology, check out the camera and it plays music. He manipulated everyone, he had like four or five phones at his first conference for the iPhone, and he picked up different ones and there was a guy out there on the videoing equipment changing between the different interfaces because none of the devices could do all of the functions at that stage. But that did create an environment for his work where they had to get things ready in time.

He is a taker because the idea of kettle cords that they have on their laptops, which are magnetic, was taken from companies that have been doing it over in China for years or decades. The magnetic connectors on kettles as opposed on the laptops, he just took it.


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It’s okay to take, borrow, and use things. 

Everyone does it.

The only reason I know all this stuff that I know is because I’ve been researching, so in a sense the person that wrote that, who had done that research, I’ve now taken that, but I’ve also put my own spin on it and I’m not charging anyone for it.

When Steve Jobs took things, when Apple take things, they take them from Samsung, they take them from these big companies and then they put them through hell in lawsuits, litigations, and patents to try and prove that they had it first. Whether theirs is more unique or whatever the situation is, it’s all bullshit. All they’re doing it for is to stop the other companies coming out with products. Apple is slowing down the progress of technology, but everyone loves Apple. They just love Apple. I can’t talk enough about how much people love Apple. They make their entire environment ecosystem so that you can’t use anything but Apple devices. You jump into your car and you want to read the onboard diagnostics of your computer in the car, and if you want to do that on Android, you can do that for 20 bucks. We’ll have it on an Apple, as at the time, this was being presented $180 to $220 because they charged a licensing cost per piece of hardware that’s very close to exactly the same, the readout is identical.


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Why Apple? Why are you doing this?


They charge up to $0.60 to use the connectors they’ve got a patent on, but they’ve just changed away from the standard USB-C, which is meant to be the global standard. What Apple does is create these new plugs and stuffs that don’t offer any advantage and then they just include the lid to say, “Oh yeah, we conform to the standard. Now you have this lid in the box you’ll forget about and lose and then, you’ll swap of all the other accessories and everything else.”

I don’t like Apple’s business model, but they are great at lawsuits and marketing. That’s where going to be talking about in the next episode: marketing. Stay tuned. Don’t be Apple but take their advice. Stay good.

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