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Do Startups Really Need Outsourced IT Support?

Do Startups Really Need Outsourced IT Support - Dorks Delivered

Will Outsourced IT Support Make or Break Your Startup Success?

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, startups are consistently under pressure to improve their operations while ensuring the security and efficiency of their systems. A robust IT support can make all the difference. Outsourced IT support, especially from a trusted managed services provider, can offer a suite of solutions tailored for startups, from cloud services to data backup and network monitoring. These providers bring an unparalleled level of expertise and experience, helping startups navigate the complexities of technology.

Imagine just starting a new business here in Australia and your computers were suddenly attacked by aggressive ransomware. Could anyone from your team resolve this issue and prevent it from escalating and affecting all of your other valuable data? Are there really free resources that can help you avoid these IT issues day in and out? Or would it be wiser to just have outsourced IT support from a reputable IT Company? As a startup, you would want to begin your operations smoothly but with the least money spent as possible.


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Why Use Outsourced IT Support?

The following factors will play a critical role in helping you decide whether hiring an in-house technician or getting IT support from a reputable IT company is the way to go.



Budget - Dorks DeliveredStartups often grapple with budget constraints, making every financial decision critical for their long-term growth and stability. The question arises: Do you possess the ample financial resources to hire and continually train your in-house IT team? This is especially significant when technology and software constantly evolve, necessitating ongoing training to keep up with the latest advancements.

An internal IT team doesn’t just involve salaries; additional costs are related to hardware, software licenses, network infrastructure, and cybersecurity measures. Plus, ensuring your data remains protected requires consistent backups and an effective security strategy.

Furthermore, consider the risk of downtimes when an integral team member leaves or if there’s a sudden technical challenge that your team isn’t equipped to handle. The process of recruiting, training, and then integrating a new member into your operations can be time-consuming and costly. It could also hinder your staff’s productivity and the day-to-day running of the business.



Does your team have tech-savvy members? If you or one of your co-founders are IT experts, then you can probably handle your startup’s basic IT needs. If not, it’s better to outsource everything IT. At Dorks Delivered, we offer long- and short-term IT support, whether you need round-the-clock support or additional hands on deck for a few days.

When a customer begins to demand you to deliver your service or products fast, time becomes a valuable commodity. Sometimes, it’s best to focus on your business operations and leave troubleshooting IT issues to an experienced third-party IT support provider.


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Global Support and Availability

Even as a startup, you want to have a global presence. To do this, that would require being available 24/7 and having similar IT support to help you with Wi-Fi or server maintenance, data recovery, computer and network management as well as software upgrades. Fortunately, despite your limited budget, you can probably hire an entry-level IT technician or get a good deal from a trusted managed IT service provider in Brisbane.



Expertise - Dorks DeliveredAs startups evolve and expand, their technological requirements and challenges tend to become more multifaceted. What might have begun as basic IT concerns can swiftly morph into complex issues that demand specialised expertise. While initial stages might involve simple software installations and hardware setup, the growth phase might bring in challenges related to server management, cyber threats, network design, and more. Therefore, ensuring your technology strategy not only supports but also accelerates your business ambitions becomes imperative.

Outsourced IT support, provided by reputable IT service providers, emerges as a potent solution in this scenario. These service providers make it their business to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Their teams are equipped with a vast range of technical skills and benefit from continuous training. These experts are always a step ahead, whether it’s the latest in cloud solutions, cyber security updates, or understanding new software integrations.


The Final Word

Whether you choose to outsource IT support or not for your startup business will depend on your company size, financial resources, technology requirements and where you’re at with your startup process. The first few months would probably still be alright to handle in-house, especially if you have a tech-savvy employee to help you with minor troubleshooting. But as your operations move further along and your technology needs become more complex, it could be more beneficial for your company to get IT support from a competent IT company. This way, you and your team can focus on core startup tasks and growing the business.

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