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Does Virtual Reality Make the Real World Better?

virtual reality

Virtual Gameplay in Las Vegas virtual reality 

Las Vegas is home to the Consumer Electronic Show, one of the biggest tech conventions in the world.

Virtual Reality Is More Than Just Games

One area that will have more and more influence on our daily lives is virtual reality. You might think VR is just the games or pretending in space, but no. Pretty soon, you’ll go from peak heaven to everyday tool because technology is at its best when it mimics human behaviour.

There are plenty of people who say they’ll never play video games but would spend hours on Candy Crush or Wii Bowling. Because these games don’t need special controls or hours of practise, they are intuitive.

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Everything Becomes More Intuitive With VR

VR will make the Internet more intuitive. Online shopping can become like real shopping. You’ll pick up garments; try them on. You can even check to see if the shoe size fits. What about looking for a holiday? Rather than flicking through TripAdvisor reviews, you can walk around inside the hotel. There are so many applications! Imagine learning a language where you can talk to people, and have suggestions and corrections appear in the air in front of you. And, no more getting lost. You’ll have an arrow pointing to where you go.

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The Final Word

The real world is pretty awesome, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it better with virtual reality.


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