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Dollar IT Club


On-Demand IT Support to suit any budget

The Dollar IT Club is a new and innovative approach to IT support where
everyone from start-ups to large staffed companies can just pay for what
they need with the flexibility to quickly scale
with no strings attached.

Rotating DollarTraditional per hour IT Support starting at A DOLLAR!

We came up with the idea around changing the way IT is thought about and simplifying our pricing because of a common complaint we hear about how complicated and expensive pricing structure for IT services are. Customers often feel they are paying for things they don't need or expect more then what they are paying for. W
e wanted to offer a much even simpler way of letting people choose all the bits they WANT with none of the stuff they DON’T so they can… 
wait for it… 
actually get what they pay for!



 The whole idea of IT support is to make things easier for you... 

that's why our pricing is so simple!

Businesses live and die by their IT setup. Technology makes our lives easier… when it works but when it doesn’t it makes your question why you got into business in the first place. Think of us as your peace-of-mind for hire, business-boosting, virtual fire-fighters.


    IT assistance, managed IT services, IT support,  Traditional Per hour IT SupportIf you are a member of the Dollar IT Club you have access to industry-leading support at wholesale rates where you get exactly the support you need when you need it.
  • To gain access to these fantastic prices and deals you need to be a member of 
    The Dollar IT Club
    $ 1/day $FREE
    *while Queensland is in lockdown or 6 months from when you sign up whatever comes first
  • $1 Casual Remote Helpdesk Support 
    Cost of IT support per minute for any of your jobs to be resolved remotely. Most of the time the tasks are done in a couple of hours but there is no guarantee. Check out our plans below.
    Per Minute / Per Business
  • $1 Extra Instant Remote Helpdesk Support 
    Response to your problems organised and started within the hour. 
    Per Minute / Per Business
  • $1 Extra Onsite IT Support 
    We come to you and can help you out with any onsite IT issues throughout South East Australia at some of the most competitive rates
    Per Minute / Per Business
  • $1 Unlimited Uptime Continuity for your business 
    Includes network maintenance, anti-virus, program updates, security patching and a dedicated account manager. 
    Per Day / Per Employee

We'll be friends with so many benefits...


Wholesale IT Rates 
This isn’t a gimmick. We literally give you industry-leading rates with best of breed IT support for your business cheaper than any retail store or other IT provider guaranteed. 

Response Time On Your Terms
Need something fixed now? It might cost you a little bit more but that means you don't have the downtime. Bit of a Casual issue? We can help out there and  save you some dollarydoo's on the way.

Sliding Scale Pricing
Pay for exactly what you need, depending on your required response time and budget. You choose the packages and how you want to spend your money in a way that suits the size of your business and the severity of your problem.




Got questions?

We have answers...

Still not convinced? Contact us or give us a call on 0731665465 or check out
our Frequently Asked Questions here!

  • Do we literally pay per minute, hour, month etc for everything?

    Oh, no. Yeesh, wouldn’t that be a pain! The whole concept is that all of our rates are chunked into easy to understand amounts (as close to a dollar as possible). Our displayed rates are all paid-upfront It keeps both your and our bookkeeper admin work low :-). If a service is $1/month it would be $12/year upfront. The only exception are our IT support services which are purchased upfront in blocks (more about that below). Buy only what you need but the more you buy the cheaper it gets

  • How are IT support rates calculated?

    IT support packages are available for purchase via our dashboard once you are a member. Packages start at 4 hours and are priced on a sliding scale so they get even cheaper the more you buy. There is no expiration date and are available for as long as you are a member. If you can’t use all of your hours for some reason, you can transfer them to another member for free at any time. All prices are ex GST & unless stated otherwise, per user, per month.

  • My IT professional charges me for toilet breaks

    Is that a question? Oh, you’re asking if we charge for every second of IT support… For phone support, the entire phone call duration is counted as support time. For emails, we only start the timer AFTER we’ve read the email and start work on your issues and stop it after sending our reply. We work as fast as we can to do the job properly and put service before profit. We have strict systems to keep our employees accountable for time spent including robust benchmarking. We record all phone calls, take screenshots of our progress and more to ensure you get what you pay for.

  • Do you offer refunds? What guarantee do I have?

    As Australia's fastest-growing IT company of 2019, we grow when you grow, we know what our customers want. We do one thing very different. We listen! If you are not absolutely 100% satisfied with the outcome, we offer a complete refund. If you want to see something changed or a new service offering speak to us.

  • Are you going to upsell on a bunch of things as soon as I sign up?

    Absolutely! That is to say, we will if we see that you genuinely need the additional items, we are all about risk mitigation. Don't worry though, we have some of the most competitive prices around and always ask for you to get a second quote to show us so you can compare apples with apples.If the other quote is cheaper we will beat it by 10%... Hmm that sounds familiar, you can't get a sausage here on a Saturday morning though!

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Take Advantage of these great offers and join The Dollar IT Club for just

$1/day FREE 

and start saving on per hour IT instantly!

Free while Queensland is on lockdown for COVID19



Our Plans to Support your Business


 StandardBulk 4Bulk 6Bulk 10
Rates Per Hour$ 220 
$ 120
$ 180 
$ 90
$ 120
$ 75
$ 100 
$  60
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Charge Rate


Prepaid Hours



Guaranteed Satisfaction


No Expiry

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Dedicated Account Manager

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Pay Per Minute

 x x x

*Pricing is not redeemable for other plans


Join an exclusive club of like-minded businesses and professionals who value IT
Listen to what of our clients have to say about Dorks Delivered and how we’ve helped
their businesses. we have lots of great things planned to connect our members in
new ways for collaboration, idea sharing and business referrals!

Our Awards

We love working to the best of our abilities and we love the recognition for that

  • 2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company in Australia

    2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company in Australia

  • Queensland Small Business Award

     2018 Queensland Small Business Award

  • Young Business Award

    2017 Young Business Award

  • Client Heartbeat Award

    CHB Leader in Managed IT Customer Support

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If you're still reading this, maybe it's time to get back to business... 

and let us handle your IT

You didn’t get into business to fix computers and sort out email issues, or if you did, you would be
in IT support so you don’t need us, right? You got into business to provide a great service or
product, so let us take care of your IT so you can get back to whatever you do best!



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