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Making Less Decisions

making decisions

The Secret to Happiness and a More Productive Lifemaking decisions 

So, I had a bit of time for myself over the weekend, and I managed to get myself a copy of ‘The Barefoot Investor’. I would suggest any of you guys out there in YouTube land to do the same thing. It is a bloody brilliant read, mate. Pretty quick. I’ll be honest. I didn’t read it. I used the audio book. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it. Nice bloke.

Don’t Keep Things You Don’t Need

Nevertheless, he brought up something: comfy undies. Love comfy undies, and we all have a drawer full of undies that are comfortable, and then we get to the bottom of the drawer and we’re like, ‘I don’t even like these undies, why did I get these for?’ Why do we keep these uncomfy undies? Get rid of them out of your life. You don’t need those uncomfortable undies. Silly.

Throw Away Decisions You Don’t Need to Make

Trim all the things that annoy you. Trim decisions that you don’t need to make. It’s a very good idea to trim decisions you don’t need to make.

Most people that make a lot of decisions in their life try to remove any of the decisions they don’t need to make, such as what colour of socks to wear or what type of undies to wear. All their undies are comfortable and all their socks match, which is amazing when you think about it. You’d be very hard pressed to work out when one of those buggers disappeared out of the washing machine.

Get rid of decisions out of your life that you don’t need. If you can have someone else make the decision for you, do it.

less decisions, happier life

If you don’t have to worry about what pair of socks you’re wearing, if it’s going to match with this, if it’s going to match with that, do it. If you like white shirts, just buy a bunch of white shirts. It may look like I don’t own any other clothes (and you wouldn’t be far wrong) but just make it so you don’t have to think about any other decisions. Every day, you have more than 300 decisions that have to be made.

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Get Rid of Decisions You Don’t Need to Make

Little decisions, such as, ‘Do I want this tea or do I want that coffee? Or, do I want this type of tea and a long or a short, or an espresso martini?’ You don’t want to have to make any little decisions you don’t have to make.

Have it so that the things you don’t have to make decisions about, just get made for you. Open up the drawer, nice socks. You open up the drawer, comfy undies. You don’t have to sift through and go, ‘Oh, the ones with the elastic and the hole where the hole is.’ Anyway, you don’t want stuff falling out when it’s not meant to be. So, get rid of the stuff out of your life. Trim the bush, get rid of all of the rot, as they say. Remove the rot from your life. Get rid of the uncomfortable undies. Buy a fantastic pillow.

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Cut Down Decisions You Need to Make in Business and in Life

That’s another bit of advice that I did follow from ‘The Barefoot Investor’. Amazing! Just make sure that what you’re doing in life, what you’re doing in business, is quick, simple, easy and effective. Don’t make decisions about things you don’t need to. I believe we only have a certain amount of decisions that we can make each day before we go pfft.

The Final Word

Be decisive and make the decision to make less decisions. You will have decided decisively, not a word, that you’re on the right track to make better decisions about other things. Stay good.


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