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Mobile Device Management – Is It Needed?

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Mobile Device Management – Is It Needed?

We had a question come through about mobile device management and whether is it needed within the business world? Now in my opinion as a director of an IT company, I can say 100% that it is needed as soon as you are dealing with a business that uses business critical applications on the devices that they have, or if there’s more than 10 devices under management.

It is worth it?

The reason I say this, and these are the two different reasons that you’d need to make sure that you’ve got any sort of mobile device management, is when you’re dealing with more than 10 devices you end up having headaches that come about, and you have user issues become more and more prevalent.

The reason that you make sure that they are a business critical application is there’s no point of managing the mobile device if the end user is just going to be using Facebook. It doesn’t make any sense. You’re wasting money, and you’ve created a job for no reason. But, if you do have mobile device management it does make setting up emails significantly easier, locking down the device if there’s any potentially unwanted website. If the device was stolen or it goes missing you can easily wipe the device. If you ended up having an employee that went postal you can comfortably make sure that you have the integrity of your business data available to you at your fingertips.

Mobile device management in my opinion is needed in select business cases. If it’s more than 10 devices go for it. Most of the time I would say yes, it’s necessary. If you’ve got a business like a courier company, or something like that, or you’re using them to track employee’s positions on a map it’s 100% a fantastic idea. A very, very cheap utility compared to what would’ve been spent only years ago to be able to keep your assets, whether it be the things that are being carried in their vehicles, or the employees themselves, accountable.

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