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Should You Try Polyphasic Sleep Cycles?

Polyphasic Sleep Cycles

It’s taken me a bit to admit this, but I’m a polyphasic sleeper. It’s 2:30 in the afternoon and I’m ready for a nap.

What Is Polyphasic Sleep Cycle?

You might be asking yourself, “What is a polyphasic sleeper?” The short answer is anyone that sleeps more than once a day. Most people sleep once so they are monosleepers. Poly means more than one, so if you’re able to sleep more than once a day, you are a polyphasic sleeper.

I found that polyphasic sleep cycles are amazing. Having a little recharge nap is something that’s very common in Japan, and it’s something that people should be doing more nowadays.


Turn your IT into a utility so you can have more time for more important things.


Complete a Full Sleep Cycle

One full sleep cycle is all it takes, and that could be something that happens in as quickly as 30 minutes. Find out how much sleep you need to stay awake and be productive.

Just a quick, power nap can be a really big help. Now, I sometimes pull pretty long days, and I’m up at 5 AM and I’m not in bed until 12:30, and I assure you that the little half an hour nip in the middle of the day really helps.



Try Polyphasic Sleep Cycles 

Give it a go! See what you think. I personally think it’s amazing. Who would have thought that polyphasic sleeping is not just for babies and old people?

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