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IT support services IT Support Services 

IT Support Services for Your Business

Every day, you use technology to run your business efficiently. But what if your IT system stops working? Does your business stop running too?

With our IT support services, you can have the peace of mind that most issues will be solved remotely within a few hours.


Why Small Business Owners Choose Managed IT Support Services

Whatever the industry, business operations use technology. If you want to stand out and get ahead of the competition, you need various tools and methods to maximise your efficiency and improve your profitability. With our reliable managed IT support services, you can: 

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Focus on Growing Your Business

    There’s no need to worry about technical problems taking up your time. With a managed IT service provider, you can rest assured that someone will handle them all for you so you can focus on core business functions.

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Invest in a Business Resource

    Regardless of your business industry, having computers and other relevant tools will be helpful to your daily operations. You're investing in an essential business function.

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Address Problems Immediately and Efficiently

    With a team of IT support experts at your disposal, you can reduce business downtime caused by technical problems.

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Take Advantage of the Latest Hardware and Software

    IT support providers often partner with various vendors to acquire the best, if not the newest, technology that they can use for their IT support tasks.

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Reduce Your Operational Costs

    According to an IBM-sponsored IDC white paper, you can reduce your IT infrastructure costs by 24% if you acquire managed services to cover your IT support needs.

  • IT support services IT Support Services

    Reduce Security Risks

    IT support service providers also gives you the option to add security services so you can protect your business data and the sensitive information entrusted to you by your customers and employees.

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Is Managed IT Support Service for You?

Managed IT services are an option for small businesses in Brisbane that need additional manpower to support their day-to-day operations. Watch the video or book a free no-strings-attached discovery session to learn how our managed IT support services can turn IT into a utility to grow your business.




Want More Than Just Reliable IT Support Services?

We know that every business has unique needs, but businesses have one thing in common: they have got to stay running. In the rare case that your system goes down on our watch, you get paid! 



Introducing Guaranteed Uptime for Your Business for Only $1

Since 2002, Dorks Delivered has been providing IT support services to help small businesses in Brisbane. Recently, we introduced our Guaranteed Uptime plans for only $1 per day per employee. They include regular maintenance, anti-virus, program updates, security patching, and a dedicated account manager, so you also get to avoid most causes of downtime. Gone are the days when you have to put up with long hours of downtime or pay a lot just to ensure business continuity. 

Are you ready to remove long downtime forever?

Book a free discovery session to see if we are a fit.

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  • Can we have different packages for different employees?

    Absolutely! We're here to tailor your packages around what you need.

    If you have a few casual employees that only come in a couple of times a week and don't need the same level of IT support as your C-level executives, then you shouldn't be paying the C-level prices that other IT companies push. You can pick whatever IT support plans you require depending on the size of your business and how critical the IT requirements are of that staff member.

  • Do we literally pay per minute or per day?

    Oh, no. Yeesh, wouldn’t that be a pain?!

    The whole concept is that all of our rates are chunked into easy-to-understand amounts. Our IT Support Services and Guaranteed Uptime Plans are purchased upfront in blocks or paid per month (more about that below).

  • How are rates for IT support services calculated?

    IT support packages are available for purchase via our dashboard once you are a member of The Dollar IT Club. span>

    Packages start at 4 hours and are priced on a sliding scale, so the IT support services you need get even cheaper the more you buy. There is no expiration date, and the packages are available for as long as you are a member. If you can’t use all of your hours for some reason, you can transfer them to another member for free at any time. All prices are ex GST & per user, per month.

  • My IT service provider charges me for toilet breaks.

    Is that a question? Oh, you’re asking if we charge for every second of IT support services.

    For phone support, the entire phone call duration is counted as support time. For emails, we only start the timer AFTER we’ve read the email and start to work on your issues and stop it after sending our reply. We work as fast as we can to do the job properly, and we put service before profit. We have strict systems to keep our employees accountable for time spent, including robust benchmarking. We record all phone calls, take screenshots of our progress and more to ensure you get what you deserve: fast and reliable yet affordable service.

  • Do you offer refunds? What guarantee do I have?

    As Australia's fastest growing IT company in 2019, we grow when you grow. We know what our customers want.

    We do it differently. We listen! If you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome, we offer a complete refund. If you want to see something changed or a new service offering, talk to us.

  • I'm happy with my current IT service provider. Why would I move across?

    Is that a question? Oh, you’re impressed by the level of support you're currently getting, totally understand!

    We hear this a lot, the big thing we have found is you don't know what you don't know until you know it, you know?

    We are not here to destroy the relationship you have with your current IT service provider but would love to be here to offer a helping hand at a price point that is fair and affordable for you. At an absolute minimum, we always suggest getting a fresh set of eyes to look over some of your current and future business strategies to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck no matter what.

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Why Choose Dorks Delivered for IT Support Services

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IT support services IT Support Services

Headquarters: 360 St Pauls Terrace
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Brissie Phone: (07) 3166 5465

National: 1300 85 3675 (1300 85 DORK)


Us, like most Aussie businesses, had a slow Internet connection. Dorks managed to find the best providers that allowed us to have dual redundant connections and sped up our deliverables.


Tanner was amazing - went above and beyond to help my poor little Surface Pro. Very grateful for getting me back on line and back to work. Would highly recommend these guys!


This computer repair service is truly convenient. Was able to book an appointment same day and had a service tech to my work in 2 hours. Joshua Lewis was awesome and did a high-quality job. I highly recommend this company for computer repairs. Beats going to a company any day. Thanks again!


After a few months of waiting for things to load, I got these guys in. They totally reworked our network. No more waiting! Our staff are more efficient than ever. Very informative, thanks!


These guys are pure magic. They put this Dorks box in that sped up our network 300%! That was a huge advantage we had that instantly affected our bottom line. They don’t talk techy. They talk sensible business reasons why you need to make adjustments to your business.


I highly recommend! Tanner, Brian and Brett together make a super hero team. An amazing experience, the staff were so nice and the price for the repair was great. Thank you.


Dorks Delivered came into our business and completely changed the way we thought about technology. Our staff utilization is measurable and accountable with in place Key Performance Indicators. We know exactly what staff are performing. All that really matters is our bottom line, and it has never looked better!


Starting a business can suck! Luckily, we had the Dorks to the rescue! We were new off the bat and didn’t know what to do. They held our hand and helped us from the start to where we are now. Websites, email, tech support and forward business planning. The lot!


I've had the pleasure of dealing with Josh in business and am always inspired not only by his professionalism and friendly manner, but especially the clever business ideas and hacks he suggests to protect my business and take advantage of opportunities. I also enjoyed being on Josh's podcast and talking about legal tech and all things business - he has a well-rounded knowledge in business and is quite proactive in each aspect.


Wow! How do I feel about Dorks Delivered? Years ago, we had a super geeky company come in and look over our network. They were here for around 10 paid-for hours and didn’t get to the root of the problem. I’m not going to say that the other company didn’t help, but to put it in perspective, shortly after in our initial discovery session with Dorks, they fixed the problem in 15 minutes and didn’t even charge us! Made us instant customers. Now, they look after all of our businesses and help us grow into the future.


At Dorks Delivered, we provide managed IT support services that Brisbane companies need to remain competitive. When you choose us, you will get:

✔ Results Aligned With Your Organisation’s Goals

We tailor our IT support services to suit the requirements of your company and help you achieve your desired results. We'll make sure that cutting-edge advancements in technology operate with you, not against you, in a fun and exciting way.

✔ The Services of Trained and Experienced IT Professionals

Our company is made up of IT support experts, all of whom have extensive experience in handling all things IT. Our goal is to continuously improve and update our knowledge to provide you with top-notch managed IT support services.

✔ Consistent and Proactive IT Support

We are available whenever we are needed. Our team of IT support professionals will consistently be on the lookout to identify points for improvement in your IT infrastructure and apply the necessary solutions if there are problems. 

✔ Strategic Planning for Customised Managed IT Support

Creating a custom plan for our clients’ IT support requirements is an integral part of our services. We always make it a point to discuss with our clients all of their needs and expectations to develop a comprehensive set of managed IT support services. 

✔ All-Inclusive IT Support Solutions for Your Business

Whatever you need, we deliver. Here at Dorks Delivered, we provide a complete set of managed IT support Brisbane companies can take advantage of. Fill out the form to send an inquiry about our managed IT support services.

✔ Fixed Pricing for Simplified Budgeting

With our fixed pricing, you have better control of your IT support expenses. Simplified budgeting for your IT support needs will allow you to resolve other potential company expenditures and focus on more important matters.


Our Awards

We love working to the best of our abilities and we love the recognition for that.

  • 2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company in Australia

    2019 Fastest Growing IT Support Company in Australia

  • Queensland Small Business Award

     2018 Queensland Small Business Award

  • Young Business Award

    2017 Young Business Award

  • Client Heartbeat Award

    CHB Leader in Managed IT Customer Support

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Work with a Managed IT company who can help you streamline your systems and operations management. Implementing high‐tech solutions to ensure the integrity, uptime and accountability of all internal system processes gives you the assurance that you have continuity.


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