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Speed Test Websites

Are you struggling with a slow Internet connection in Australia?

The internet is just so slow. I can’t even download this document!

Netflix isn’t streaming. How am I going to Netflix and chill?

Internet speeds do go up and down depending on peak times and other things, but it can also be internal problems or factors with the systems and infrastructure that you’re using. If you go to Oz-Speed-Test or, you can find out how fast your internet is right now.


How to Use a Speed Test Website

Don’t use speed test websites only when it’s slow. Do it also when it’s quick. When you noticed web pages loaded quickly, jump onto one of those speed test websites and run a speed test.

If the numbers line up, it’s not your Internet. It’s something else that’s going on in your system. There could be a virus scan or an update going through for something. If it’s your home network, it’s a good idea to make sure that everyone jumps off so that the test isn’t disrupted by maybe one of your kids or your partner jumping on YouTube.

If it’s your work network, you would also want everyone to jump off so any collaboration tools, like Skype and Zoom, are not impacting the results that you’re seeing.

Ultimately, if you notice that it seems slow at a certain time each day, it could be congestion on your network and this could be down to a bottleneck because your telco has oversold in the area that you’re in. It could be anything, to be honest.

The Final Word

We don’t have very great internet connections here in Australia, but Oz-Speed-Test or will give you a little bit more insight into the speeds that you’re getting and a little bit more insight into maybe why these are happening. 

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