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The Truth About Microsoft Office 365 and Your Data

Office 365 Does Not Backup Your Data So You Should

You might have Microsoft Office 365, and that’s awesome. However, Office 365 doesn’t have any backups. That’s right! Think about that for a moment. They have infrastructure backup and uptime guarantees so that you know that the systems are reliable, but if you go and delete something, you won’t necessarily have any backup in those infrastructures.

Take Backups Into Your Own Hands

If you need to roll back to see what your emails were or your documents from several days before or several versions before you need to make sure that you’ve got incremental backups and not just disc hardware redundancy. What the difference is there is kind of like saying that you’ve got a cool car and it’s going to be pretty basic, but incremental backups are like you’ve got this cool car and it’s got all these cool settings and it knows your position or the state. When you unlock it, it knows that you unlocked it. Now that car, whatever the model may be, Tesla Model 3 or whatever you’ve pocketed and drop some coin on, is a cool car. Having backup of that car would be like having a second one of those cars available to you.

For instance, the car is unusable, you’ve got another car sitting there ready to go in from that moment and having that sitting there is what’s called infrastructure backup. Besides infrastructure backup, there are other types of backup. When you go into this rental car, all your settings out there, your radio stations out there, your clock might not be the same. You see positions not the same. It doesn’t even know your name. All these settings don’t exist anymore. They’ve all gone and along with all your history log books and everything obviously, but that is what you’d be calling software backup or something that’s going to have all your personalised settings.

Office 365 Doesn’t Do the Whole Job

Although Microsoft Office 365 gives you full backup, which is awesome, they’re only backing up the car, not the settings or the emails or any of the data inside it. You need to make sure that same analogy, data inside of that could be your mobile phone, your wallet, your purse or whatever it is inside the car. If the car catches fire, that’s not going to be backed up. If you have incremental daily backup and it’s not something that Microsoft offer with Office 365, it’s something you’d need to go through a vendor for. You can be sure that everything will be available to you. If your email address is hacked and someone jumps in, deletes stuff or grab stuff out, you can easily go back to it. There are different programmes that do this, and we offer some of them and they give you up to 10 years retention.

You Need These Extra Backups

Everything that’s come in and been sent for 10 years, you can be able to look at, monitor and analyse. So it’s a really, really cool thing to have. Really, really good to make sure that you jump on top of that and have backup for things like this. Because ultimately you don’t want to be in a situation where your car crashes, where your hardware crashes and in the sense of a problem happening and you don’t have any ability to come back from that, and then you’ve got nothing to rely upon.


The Cloud Isn’t Safe

People think that this stuff won’t happen. You won’t get hacked. You’ll get hacked more often in the cloud than you will when it’s on premise, and the reason for that is they are bigger targets and they’re available and open all the time. It’s not like when you had your servers in your business where they wouldn’t get hacked because they were just such a small target and not worthwhile really jumping on there on a slower connection. They’ve got fast connections to the world and they can easily jump in and if you’ve got a terrible password, they’ll jump onto it and they can get in.

The Final Word

Make sure you’ve got backups of all your important stuff as unfortunately, Office 365 doesn’t cover everything.

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