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Two Most Important Things to Succeed in Business

how to succeed in business

What’s the Most Important Thing in Your Business?how to succeed in business

Some people might think it’s your staff. Others, your product. Some people, the relationships that you have with clients. So, what I would like to talk about is what I believe the most important thing in business for absolutely everyone: attitude and knowledge.

Attitude and Knowledge

The more knowledge you have, the better you can make decisions. The better attitude you have, the better relationships you can build. Attitude and knowledge are where it’s at, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep a Positive Attitude 

You know, make sure that you have a great attitude. You got a pumped, go-getter attitude. Read a book on personal development. Read a book that just makes you go, “Yeah.” Go to that Tony Robbins thing that makes you go, “Yeah! We can do it! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” Don’t go too many times and not do anything. That’s not good either. That’s a bad attitude as well. That’s distracting. That’s procrastination. It might be positive procrastination, but it’s still procrastination.

So, make sure that whenever you’re going to do something, you have a positive attitude. And make sure that you’ve researched the hell out of it. You want to be positive, but you want to be sure of what you’re talking about as well. Don’t just diddle-daddle around and have people come up and say, “Actually, the facts that you said, they were wrong.”

“Attitude isn’t that important. I’ve got a terrible attitude and I’m great in business.”

Good for you. You let your mom know. She’d be most proud, very proud that she brought up someone with such a terrible attitude. Gosh.

But, you’re going to have a lot more success if you’ve got a great attitude. So, make sure you shape attitude. Just a short one today. Have a great attitude. When someone says, “Good morning,” reply with, “It is a good morning, isn’t it?” as opposed to the standard, “Good morning. Good morning.”

“How’s your day?”


Change it up. Have a good attitude. Let people know you’ve got a good attitude. Have a bit of bounce in your step. Be the person that you want to be. Make sure when someone says, “Oh, how’s your day going?” “Absolutely fabulous.”

Ask Them a Question

Answering a question with a question can be annoying, but if you answer their question and then you’re asking a question, that’s not annoying. Just like two negatives make a positive. Yeah.

So, anyone that’s been trained by me has a very similar story. I’ve never asked anyone, “How’s your day going?” Such a pre-recorded message. I ask them, “Are you having the best day ever?” And then later in the day, “Did you have the best day ever?” And you want to hear it because everyone’s too sad and depressed nowadays. If you can be the positive person, you can be the flower, you can be the sparkle in someone’s eye, you’re going to make a difference and you’ll stand out.


Go down the street and smile at a stranger, and look at what happens. You created a smile. It’s contagious. Smiles are contagious. Crying, not as much, but people feel sad. Smiles are contagious. Be happy. Be happy that other people are happy. Everyone will be happy together.

Sadly, a lot of people will cry over the same thing multiple times. It might be a passed one, or it might be something that’s happened in your business you’re not very happy about. So many people cry over the same things, but very few people laugh at the same jokes.

The World Will Smile Back

Make sure you’re smiling, and the world will smile back. Carry this to someone else so they can smile with you and maybe we can all smile together. Don’t just smile unwillingly. They might think there’s something wrong with you. Smile. Just smile, and get out of here. Stay good!

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