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Yes, MIT has business courses and you can access them for free.

Boston, Massachusetts houses two of the greatest universities in the world: Harvard University and MIT. They’re actually across the river in Cambridge, but this is all basically one big city.


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As a guy who works in IT, I owe a great deal to MIT. It’s crazy how much influence they’ve had on the world of computing. Here are a few of their most famous alumni:

  • Cecil H. Green – co-founded Texas Instruments, which invented the handheld calculator and the integrated circuit
  • William H. Hewlett – the half of Hewlett Packard who basically created Silicon Valley
  • Steve Kirsch – invented the LED mouse
  • Robert Metcalfe – invented the ethernet as we know it now
  • Robert Noyce – co-founded Intel
  • Drew Houston – created Dropbox
  • Buzz Aldrin – didn’t obviously help the world of computing too much but he definitely deserves a talk out here because he walked on the moon



MIT Courses Are Available for Free Online

MIT definitely offers a significant amount of knowledge, but did you know that it is available to everyone for free online? That’s right! MIT publishes its courses online for anyone to access across the globe.


MIT Business Courses

But MIT does not focus just on computing. They also have lots of business courses. In fact, the “Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MIT” report examined the impact of MIT graduates, who have founded and built for-profit companies. As of 2014, living MIT alumni have launched more than 30,000 active companies, creating some 4.6 million jobs and generating $1.9 trillion in annual revenue.

The good thing is a lot of MIT business courses are available online. Topics range from business plans and innovation to leadership and entrepreneurship. Go see for yourself!

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