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Why Having a Hobby Can Help Your Business

why you should have a hobby

why you should have a hobbyAre Your Conversations Always About Business?

Why Have a Hobby?

If you are in business, you’ll want to make sure you have some hobbies and interests outside of the business because you will become addicted to the business in such a way that’s so unhealthy, you won’t know what’s coming and going. You’ll want to make sure you’ve got hobbies.

Why It Is Important to Have a Hobby

I was in a spot where I was working 100 to 110 hour weeks and had no hobbies. It was terrible. I enjoyed the business work. I enjoyed everything I was doing, but the conversations always just end up around the business. This comes in part and parcel the same message for workaholics, not just business owners.

Should You Have Hobbies?

If you’re a workaholic, or you’re a key person in the business that you’re working for, you’re going to feel the same stresses. You need to have hobbies. The way you know if you’re a workaholic and you don’t have hobbies is when you have friends over for a barbecue. There’s a small trick there. You have to have friends first, and you have to have a barbecue. But the small trick is what do you have to talk about to them?

If you’re only talking about your business, it’s great that you’re passionate about it, but you become that person that only has one thing in their life. Some people have a baby, and that’s their one thing in their life, and it’s very new to them, very exciting to them. And that’s cool. But, it’s the same sort of thing. You just become that person who just talks about the same thing all the time. And again, even at the barbecue and everyone’s from your business, that’s probably okay conversation. But if you’re catching up with your family, try to keep it short and have an interest in a hobby. 

Hobbies of Successful Entrepreneurs

One of the businesses that we work with, Ben from Vizion Shopfitters, he has a hobby around photography. It’s very different to what he does in his business, and he’s bloody great at it.

You need to have a hobby that gets you out and gets you thinking creatively if you’re in a business that’s very analytical. If you’re in a very labour-intensive business, maybe something else that sort of compliments that. Maybe something that’s creative if the labour-intensive business is repetitious. Something that makes your mind run.

People suggest travelling because you get to see the world and understand the world through many eyes, see the world through different locations. Having hobbies is the same thing. When you have different hobbies and you’re able to learn, and learn at length how these things go, and how these things work, you are able to apply those same tasks somewhat to your business.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

– Anthony J. D’Angelo

Don’t get a hobby that’s bookkeeping during business and you’re not a bookkeeper. That’s not a hobby. Get something else. For me, I started building things around the place. I built the deck, made a putt area, build a pizza oven, a whole bunch of things, and I’m in the process of building a very big garden at the moment, and that’s going to be, it should be enough food to feed me for a whole year. Every year. Hopefully. And for other people. So, it should be awesome.

But, have a hobby where you’re able to learn. Agriculture and learning the way that companion planting works together allowed me to see different ways that you can have an environment structure in your business and have different elements of it work better together. Integrate your knowledge together. 

Hobby Is Good for Business

But, make sure you get yourself a hobby or interest outside of work, and devote time towards them. It’s something you can do with your family, it’s something you can really stretch out and learn. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Go get a hobby. Why are you on YouTube? Maybe a hobby is creating videos. Maybe it’s not. There you go.

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