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Why You Need to Simplify Your Business?

Do You Need to Do All of That or Is It Just Out of Habit?

If there’s one thing Texans and Aussies can agree on, it’s the magical power of the barbecue. Do you know why it’s so popular? It’s because it’s simple. Get the food, maybe brush it with something and stick it on the skewer.

Being Simple Is Not Simple

I’m a big believer in simplicity, and one of the things that people don’t often realize is that, in business, being simple actually takes some effort. The French mathematician, Pascal, once said about a letter he had written, ‘If I’d had more time, I would have made it shorter,’ because when we’re in a rush, we just put down the first thing that comes to mind. In business, we often just grab the quickest or cheapest option. Before you know it, your whole company is just a mess of ad hoc solutions.


Simply Your Business Processes

Put aside some time to look at everything you’re doing, and see how you could simplify. You’d be amazed at how often we keep doing things out of habit when really, they are not really adding anything to the process.

The Final Word

As an IT guy, I know how much time can be saved by automating systems. Make people’s jobs so much simpler, and then they can use that extra time to add value to the company.

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