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Adapt to Changing Business Environment and Keep Your Business Relevant

how to keep your business relevant in 2018 and beyond

Adapt to Changing Business Environment and Keep Your Business Relevant

The world around us is changing at a very fast pace. Keeping up with the changing trends is essential for all businesses. To survive you have to be ready to change and adapt. Trying to keep up might look like a daunting task but this is the only way to plow ahead. The next question that comes to mind is, “How do I do this?”. The answer is quite straightforward. Keep your business relevant! If your business is relevant it can handle any challenge that is thrown its way.

What Does Staying Relevant in Business Mean 

The word “relevant” means important or significant. When used in connection to business “staying relevant” means making something that has demand in the market. Being relevant is a way to ensure business continuity.

Keeping Business Relevant

Deciding on your own to keep your business is relevant does not really make it so. Your business may be important to you, but does it hold true for your employees and customers as well? They are the rulers of the relevancy of your business. Keeping your business relevant is not a very difficult thing. It is all about keeping your customers happy. If you want your business to be the flavor of the month every month, here’s how you can achieve it:

1. Make Your Product Irresistible

The key lies in making an irresistible product. Your product has to be essential in meeting the needs of customers. It has to be something that they cannot do without. Achieving this is not a very big deal. All you need to do is ask your present customers what more they wish to see in what you offer. Ask those who don’t buy your product or service, what prevents them from doing so. Essentially it means you need a well-researched product which you can modify to meet the changing demands of customers.

a fax machine was some awesome technology 30 years ago

2. Don’t Get Complacent

Many times success makes you lazy, laid-back and complacent. As a business owner, your biggest mistake is not realizing that you will lose your edge by being so. Under no circumstances can you sit back and relax. A business without care can only run in one direction, into the ground. While running a business, you have to be constantly on your toes. See how you can innovate or adapt your product to cover a bigger population, keep in touch with the latest trends, know your competition better than your prospects etc. Even after reaching the top of your game your work is not over. If you want to maintain that position you have to stay ahead of your competition all the time. In order to achieve this, you need to work on your business constantly.

3. Get Talked About 

Working your butt off doesn’t really matter if nobody is talking about you. Your business, brand or product needs to be talked about. However, this does not mean blowing your own horn. You need to have a product or service that is so amazing that people start talking about how good your company is, how easy the product is to use, how it has changed their lives etc. Without your input, your clients can become your best spokesperson.

Engage with your customers constantly and take their feedback. Ask them for reviews to be posted on your website and social media pages. Publish your success stories. Generate more interest in your company through awareness campaigns. Make a difference by being environmentally friendly or investing in projects that are. These are great things that you can participate in and will be talked about. Your company needs to be looked up to as a positive influence in what it offers communities and other activities that it is involved in. 

4. Provide Extra Value 

Yeah yeah, I’m sure you have heard it, your company offers a good product which is seen to have value for money. But this does not mean that others do not. In fact, most of your competitors probably do also. So, why would people want to choose you when they could go to anyone else? In order to become the number one choice for your next prospect, you have to offer them something above and beyond everyone else, it is always a game of who is the best for your clients. Constantly providing something above and beyond the value will bind them to you.

So what does providing something extra mean? It means you could provide them with a free gift, a coupon, a complimentary service, additional discount, better customer support etc. This can and should be built in the price of the product so that the financial burden does not fall on the company itself. Regardless of what you might think customers are not all price driven, most of them will happily pay more to get more, they just need to see value in what it is you are offering.  

5. Create Loyal Customers

Loyal customers guarantee business. No matter what, they will always have a demand for your product or service. Creating loyal customers should be the priority of every business owner. However, a business cannot run just because a handful of people want what it makes. The number of customers has to be large enough to overcome the operating expense. Always apply your efforts in creating a big but more importantly, loyal customer base. A loyal customer will want your product even if it is a little more expensive than the competitors.

6. Build Up a Team

team work to achieve success

Your team should consist of individuals who are dedicated to achieving success. Focusing your energy to ensure everyone is moving in the same direction takes effort, some members of the team might leave. Replace the incompatible players with others who can fill in their shoes without rocking the boat (no pun intended).

However, always be open to their ideas as well. Sometimes new blood means new lease of life, a different and sometimes a better perspective. At any given point in time, your team should be able to support your efforts, you need to be open to hearing about theirs and being the best leader you can. Building a great and highly motivated team in order to maintain your edge in the market is paramount.

7. Adaptability & Flexibility 

Technology is always changing and forever will be. Become flexible to change with it. Adapt your processes to meet the demands of changing times and technology. Once you learn the power of evolving constantly your business can never fade into anonymity. Adaptability and flexibility guarantee that your business will surge ahead into the future. If you don’t change with the times, you can be sure your competitors will.

The Final Word 

A business can move ahead into the future only if it stays relevant. Once it stops being so, it is doomed to collapse. As a business owner, you have to make sure that you maintain the significance of your company. Maintaining relevance is all about research, keeping your eyes and ears open, working smart and making the most of the opportunities presented. Being open to change is an added bonus that will make your journey smooth and successful.

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