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Challenges and Trends in Cyber Security – What To Expect In 2019

Challenges and Trends in Cyber Security

Challenges and Trends in Cyber Security – What To Expect In 2019

Global ransomware attacks were super common in 2018. The exact numbers are not available, but there were many companies that fell victim. Even the big players fell prey to cyber attacks, such as  Facebook, Quora and Strava. The challenges in cybersecurity still remain the same in 2019. As we become more aware of cybersecurity attacks should be less successful, yet the mistakes happen time and again. The need for stringent cybersecurity is going to continue in 2019, so strap in as we cover the challenges and trends in cybersecurity and what to expect in 2019.

Challenges in Cyber Security

1. Cloud Security – The popularity of the cloud is undeniable. It is also undeniable that there are lots of security loopholes for hackers to exploit. So much time and money are being put in to make the cloud 100% safe, but as of 2019 it is not enough. Cloud misconfigurations and insecure APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are the biggest culprits. Another issue is that on the cloud there is always a risk of losing entire data backups if there are no physical backups happening on a regular basis.

2. Compromised IoT Devices – Internet of Things is taking over the world. In the midst of it all, there are devices that are already compromised. The initial range of IoT devices had weak security measures. Sometimes the reason for compromise was the lure of cheap imitation which came with an embedded virus or a bot. Such devices are not only difficult to track down but also very tough to fix. Because of this, there are many devices with no protection against hackers that may have access to bigger applications and systems.    

3. Biometric Authentication -Biometric authentication system is very reliable and difficult to break, but breaches in the system do happen. This could be due to human error or an unidentifiable bug in the system. Despite this, biometric authentication is gaining momentum as an additional security measure. The biggest challenge for biometric authentication in 2019 is the expense of implementing and maintaining both the system and its database.

4. Ransomware – Ransomware is a malicious program or software that hijacks data or blocks access to the system on which data is stored. It is the preferred choice of attack by hackers. Experts are of the opinion that ransomware will continue to be a challenge in 2019. This is because fixing the existing problems through patches and updates to systems is a slow procedure. Dedicated hackers are adding to the problem by using AI (Artificial Intelligence) for attacking the systems, which adds a whole new dimension to Ransomware.

Trends To Look Out For In Cyber Security

1. Bolder Attacks – Cyber attacks are not only going to become bolder but also bigger in scale. If experts are to be believed, hackers are going to become more organised and maybe even start commercial operations. If this happens, expect for their headquarters to be based in a country where is still considered to be a minor offense.

2. Less Traceable Breaches – As hackers become smarter, learn from past experiences and study the weakness of new technology, the tracks they leave behind will become almost impossible to trace. In the absence of identifiable tracks, data breaches will become more and more difficult to trace.

3. Cyber Risk Insurance Will Gain Momentum – Until now Cyber Risk Insurance or Cyber Security Insurance was something which was taken very lightly. For most, it was an unnecessary expense. In 2019 and moving forward, things will change. Companies will increasingly invest in some form of cybercrime insurance. Also, expect to see insurance products related to cybersecurity see an improvement and become more well known.

What To Expect in 2019

2019 has just begun and everybody is gearing up for the rest of the year. What should you expect in terms of meeting the challenges in cybersecurity? There are a lot of technological changes happening. Some of these are:

1. Strengthening Of Cloud Security – Multiple authentication tools, restricted access, strong firewalls, bug fixes, updates will increasingly be used to make both the public and the private cloud a safe environment. Companies will acquire custom cloud security solutions to further safeguard their IT resources and data.

2. Data Protection Becoming High Priority – Data protection will maintain its rigor and importance. GDPR compliance will become a necessity all over the web. New international regulations will be created to manage customer data.      

3. Cyber Resilience To Gain Priority – Cybersecurity will not just be a job of the IT department any longer. It will become a combined responsibility of the employees, the security department and technology experts. The aim will be to build a resilient system by combining information security strategies and continuity management strategies to develop safer and stronger systems.

4. Chief Cybercrime Officer – It wouldn’t come as a surprise if a new position opened up in companies all across the globe. It could be known as a CCO or the Chief Cybercrime Officer. He or she will be responsible for making the business cyber-ready and the team would take over the job of ensuring the day-to-day protection of the systems.

Final Word

As technology grows so does the security concerns. The challenges in cybersecurity continue to give business owners heartburn and headaches. The good thing is that in the years to come cybersecurity will be a household activity and individuals will start pulling their weight in accepting stronger security measures. It is not just the companies who will bear the brunt of cyber attacks any longer even you and I are a fair game. New possibilities will give rise to better designs architecturally and infrastructurally. The challenges in cybersecurity will be met head-on. The future is exciting and guaranteed to be a game changer. So, gear up for the best and be prepared for the worst.

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