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How to Prevent Being Hacked this Holiday Season?

prevent hacking, stop hackers How to Prevent Being Hacked this Holiday Season?

Around Christmas time, we see the number of attacks on websites, workstations, servers, businesses, and cloud infrastructure increase exponentially. Make sure that your systems are patched and up to date. Be on your toes for any scam calls, letters, or emails because they are on an all-time high around now.

Pay Attention to the ATO Scam

ScammerA great example of this would be the $800,000 that was taken from the scam about the ATO. Be on the lookout, and be diligent.

If someone asks for something and they don't know your name, ask them for more details. They should know who you are. When they say your birthdate, and your first name, and your last name and your address then you can talk to them.

Delete Scam Emails 

If you get a suspicious call, look up the details online. You're not friends with anyone in Nigeria, so just delete that email. This also goes for most emails from senders you don't know, especially if you can't remember signing up for their mailing list.

Get a Spam Filter

If it's your business email address that's getting a lot of spam emails, talk to your email service provider for spam protection. Here at Dorks Delivered, our clients enjoy premium email services for only $1 per week per inbox, and that already includes spam protection, antivirus, and malware protection in addition to backup and sync features. 


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