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How to Find Content for Your Podcast or Website


Content, content, content. Content is king and ultimately if you want to get anywhere with your website or with any of the stuff that you’re producing, you need content and you need great quality content. I’m going to be talking about how to find content for those podcasts and this will also relate to content for blogs, content for YouTube videos, content for anything and everything. So stay tuned. This is the way it’s going to work.

What Questions Are You Asked?

If you are in an industry where you want to have more content produced and you don’t know what to produce it on, you’re probably in a bad industry or you’re very, very new to the industry. Either way, with whatever end of the spectrum you’re at, have a think about any question that has ever been asked of you. Now I’m lucky enough that I work in a business where I’ve got service tickets or service requests coming through from clients day in, day out. So I can comfortably sit there with a beer on a Friday night and look through the top 1,000 requests and ask and see what different problems people are having.

Content Ideas

Let’s say you are the owner of a pie shop and you need to sell more pies. You want everyone to know that you’ve got the best pies in the world, but you don’t necessarily want to be on a podcast talking about how great your pies are. That doesn’t make much sense. But if you’re able to have someone interviewed on a podcast where you’re talking about how the pies that would be great publicity and content. I’m going to use the example of Yatala Pies, a famous pie shop down the road from me. Yatala Pies have been around for many years and they sell some amazing family and dessert pies, and they could be the pie that made the event. You could have that pie and go, man, this is a good pie, and it’ll really create the event and that’s cool and you want to have that sort of experience. But they could have a podcast where they’re talking about how it made their day, made their event or how they’ve just started producing different types of pies or without making it sound too salesy, different pies that they sell and how they can be matched to different wines or side dishes and things like that.

It might not be something that everyone’s going to be jumping onto straight away, or it could go viral because it’s kind of a bit funny. Most podcasts are around certain topics and for ours, it’s around the professional services industries and is focused on business to businesses.


How We Made Our Podcast

We normally ask our clients, is there any problems or pain points that you’ve had? Or if there is any of them brought up with us, we make a podcast about it and then people hear about it and then that is a great resource of content for any leads that are coming into your business. You’re able to show them, this is what we do and how we do it, and here are all the answers to all the questions that we’ve had for the last one year, one month, 10 years. It doesn’t matter. You’ve got the information and the answers there.

Try Answer the Public

Now, if you’re still stuck and you have no idea what to do, go to the website, answer the public. Type in a few keywords. When you type in those keywords, your industry keywords, it’ll come up with any of the questions that Google has been asked of those recently. That gives you the ability to jump in and go, all right, let me answer these questions. You can do the exact same thing by jumping onto Google and maybe you’re writing into Google something about your florist business. So you’re selling flowers. You think, how can I do this? And then you write in there different events or things that people search for flowers.


So as an example, I’ve just typed into Google, why do flowers? And I’ve already got a smell, bloom, close at night, need bees, have petals, all these really cool things. Just think about the five W’s. Who, what, when, where, why, and how. If you think about those and you write in one of the things, and so how do flowers affect? Straight up from that list, I’ve got honey, the environment, the room, your mood, our lives. So you could easily now have all this plethora of content where you could be writing a podcast on how do flowers affect our lives. You can be talking about that and maybe you have to research because maybe you don’t know how flowers affect our lives. Instead, look through a few different articles and make sure you’re putting your knowledge, your spin and your experience on it because that is what people are listening to. People aren’t listening to a podcast just to tune in and listen to a dictated version of something on the web. Make sure you’re not that person. Make sure you’re telling your story and people have a reason to listen to you, and it’s not to listen to regurgitated content off the Internet. So do your research and you can find heaps of answers to questions.

The Final Word

Now the next point is how do you find the customers or the listeners to jump on or viewers to jump onto these channels? We’ll cover that off next time. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this and it’s been fun to produce. I’ve now learned a bit more about flowers and how it affects your mood and what flowers and bees, obviously I already knew what they had in common, but even more so, which is really cool stuff, not what I was expecting. Hope you’re all good and I’m going to stay good, and you too.  

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