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Should You Keep Your IT Support Team?

IT professionals checking the servers

IT professionals checking the serversWould it be better to ditch your IT support team for another?

Here in Australia, we are a loyal bunch. Loyalty can be great, however, it doesn’t always lead to what is best for your business. Just about every aspect of business today revolves around information technology. The smallest of businesses can’t dismiss the importance of having a proper information technology system, from phone line to network security. Fortunately, outsourcing IT support is possible and easier than ever.

For Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), it is cheaper and it lessens administrative or directive tasks. But, how can you tell if you’re getting what you pay for? Below we will examine several telltale signs. Remember, if you aren’t sure about your IT team, you can always schedule an information technology audit.

Do Things Go Awry?

A mistake once in a blue moon is fine, as long as it gets fixed right away. When problems arise, your IT team should be able to fix them. Their solutions should actually work. Otherwise, your information technology system will just have the same problem and you will be better off with another IT team that is vigilant and able to provide excellent monitoring and tracking services. An example of this is when the server is down; you need your IT team to fix it as quickly as possible because you want to ensure your services are available all the time.

What Strategies Are Used?

When there’s a problem, a good IT support team offers a solution and not just a bandaid, a trick, or a tactic to hide or delay the problem. A tactic is like noticing that the ceiling is leaking and putting a bucket right below it so there won’t be puddles on the floor. A strategy would be wondering why there’s water leaking from the ceiling, finding out whether it’s from a leaking plumbing line or a leak in the roof, and doing something about it. Good IT service providers are great at making small fixes and addressing major IT issues. If the team just sticks with the small fixes and lets big problems go unresolved, it’s time to let them go.

The IT Team Can’t Keep Up

You started small and outsourced everything you can outsource, but your business has been growing continuously and it’s been fun. What’s not fun is when your IT team can’t keep up. If you notice that fixes and upgrades are not done ASAP, updates are nowhere to be found, and communication is poor, you’ve probably outgrown your IT service provider. This means it’s time to switch to a company that can provide the level of IT solutions that your business needs.

How’s Your IT System?

To know the current status of your IT system, you can schedule information technology audit services. It will give you a detailed report on your company’s information security, compliance, and disaster recovery plan and tell you if you’re IT team gives you a better bang for your buck. Good luck and remember, your IT team is the backbone of your business. Don’t let this backbone break.

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