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Sizing Up Your Office Space: Why Is It Important?

Office space is an important facet to consider when you’re setting up a new business or if you’ve got an established business. Maybe you’re looking to change a business around and become one of those fancy hipsters that have people work from home. Whatever the case is, sizing up the amount of floor space that you need for your office can be a difficult task, and it’s definitely a discussion that you need to have with your IT company. The reason being there’s nearly no reason nowadays with the infrastructure that we have got, even though it’s terrible in Australia, it’s still good enough to allow for your workers to work from home, and in a flexible environment. This gives you the best of both worlds.

Working in an Office vs Working From Home

When it comes down to it, leasing a building is expensive. It takes many, many years, generally the leasing contracts to expire, and you need to make sure that you’re sizing up appropriately along with making sure that the costs are appropriate for your business model and size. Taking all those things into account, if you’re able to have some of your workforce work from home, it’s going to save you a bunch of coin, and it’s going to be an advantage for them as well because there are tax deductions to be had.

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 Sizing up


What to Know in Choosing Office Size

So, how do you work at how to size an office? The answer that I’d give is it depends. I’ll strongly suggest making sure that you have the option for people to come into work and to have face-to-face meetings where you can because these things will keep the who community working as a community in your business and there won’t be as much of a disconnect.

Now sometimes that’s not overly possible if you’ve got people that have moved into state, or the people that you’ve got working for you or are living overseas or whatever the case may be, but generally speaking, you want to give them the option to work in the office. You have a bunch of staff, and if one of them isn’t pregnant already or has young children, they will in the future.

And when that happens, one of two things will occur. Number one, they’re going to want to spend more time with their kids. Number two, they’re going to want to spend less time with their kids because they’re giving them the shits. One way or another, having an escape for them to be able to get into work and actually concentrate on something is a great idea. If they’re still in the refresh honeymoon parents, then that’s cool, and if that’s the case in where they’re at, having the ability for them to be able to work from home is also invaluable. It’s a great idea.

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Our Remote Workforce

I would comfortably say that out of all businesses that can have a remote workforce, you could easily have 33% to 50% of your entire workforce working remotely without a problem, and it’s done time and time again as long as you’ve got the software in place, you’ve got to manage and monitor them, you should be able to comfortably have them working remotely for you. And as I said, you should still have them come in if they want to come in, and make sure that there’s some sort of roster arrangement.

Sharing Desks Is Ok

Know that the desks are shared desks and that’s not a problem. People don’t need to necessarily have all their gear and equipment just sitting there waiting, gathering dust, not being used. That’s silly. There’s all the reasons in the world especially in the minimalist society that we live in that you should be able to have nearly everything on an awesome Surface Pro, and all they have to do is plug into the dock, and all the rest of the stuff in there is just stuff that is communally used. We’re not sharing toothbrushes here. We’re just sharing a desk and a chair, so it shouldn’t be that big of a problem.

Talk to the staff if you’re unsure about how to size up your office and see what they think. See what percentage of people would like to work from home, and then take it on like that.

Now there are always situations where this is rule doesn’t work, and that could be a situation such as a manager that is working in a desk where there’s one of your trench workers I guess, let’s call them, and if you’ve got the manager working there, that may not work because there could be confidentiality things, there may be paperwork and a paper trail, and there may not be as much of a minimalist as you’d like. But most managers are also not having as much flexibility.

The Final Word

So as I said, your mileage varies and depends. Just see how you work for your workforce. If you ever have any doubt, feel free to email us and we’ll give you any advice that we can have you come down to our office and check it out if you’re around Southeast Queensland. Stay good.


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