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World Backup Day 2023

World Backup Day 2023

On 31st March, Aussies and many individuals around the globe will be celebrating World Backup Day. Take time to consider what you would do if your photos, contacts, and important documents disappeared without warning. All of your irreplaceable digital files will be lost for good if you don’t have backup data.

Data loss happens more often than you may realize. So, if you want to safeguard your important files, regularly backing them up is the ideal solution. Instead of storing all of your valuable files in one place, keep a copy elsewhere. In the event that your computer or device crashes, goes missing, or is attacked by some malware, you can be sure that your precious data will be safe.


How to Prevent Data Loss


Make Frequent Backups

Some people like to run data backups monthly, while others do so daily. How often you back up your files will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. In general, the more frequently you back your files up, the better. Also, performing backups shortly after completing a virus scan is recommended.
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Use an External Hard Drive

People generally back up their data using either an external hard drive or the cloud. Using the backup service through your operating system is easy, and some data backup applications are also offered with external storage devices.

You can store the drive in a different physical location, such as at work or family member’s home, for added protection. If possible, use two external drives and regularly swap between the one you keep at home and the one you store in a different location. However, if this isn’t possible, using a cloud backup option may be wise.


Consider Using the Cloud

The cloud can be used as a remote or off-site storage location to backup data, and it is a popular method for backing up smartphones. You can either use online storage for your important files or use an online backup service. The first option allows you to store files in the cloud so that you can access them at any time and from any device that can connect to the Internet, while the second option works more like a traditional backup. Once you’ve subscribed to the service and installed the application, these services will back up your selected files to the cloud automatically.


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Test Your Ability to Recover Files

Regardless of which backup solutions you choose, occasionally testing whether you can recover and restore your files is important. You can check whether your backups are functioning properly and that the files are complete. This way, you’ll know what to do in case things go wrong.


The Final Word

Recovering data can be an expensive or even impossible task. By storing backup data in an external drive or the cloud, you can make sure that you’ll be prepared for possible hardware failure, theft, malware infection, or breakage. Celebrate World Backup Day by taking steps to prevent data loss and investing in the right cybersecurity measures!

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